Stone Background – Adding Stone Prints to Wallpaper for a New Look


Stamps and prints are intelligent ways to customize your walls and give them the look that you want, but many kits are expensive, hard to use, and can only be used fewer times before they must be discarded and purchased again. Stone background prints are straightforward to work and create with and are highly cost-efficient, and they are also a much better choice for the environment.

Adding prints to wallpaper for a new look is as easy – have a look, and below we have enlightened the guideline on how to add and customize the image and make a wallpaper with a new look.

How to make prints to wallpaper for a fantastic look?

1. Get a stone

  • It is as easy and exciting to find the best stone that is a good fit for the print size that you want to create for your wall.
  • Although you can use a large stone even for a small print, you want to be sure that the stone is large enough to contain the whole print without dividing the design into several different stones prints, which can be messy.
  • The most professional look comes from a simple one-print stamp and a ruler to draw straight lines. The more eclectic looks do not need a ruler in most cases, as they are often based more on creativity and personal taste than clean lines and distinct patterns.

2. Draw the Design

  • As is usually the case, step two is a bit more challenging than that first step, but you can still accomplish something without a lot of experience.
  • Choose the stone that perfectly fits the print to have a stamp that is easy to hold and get into the correct position.
  • Use a stencil or freehand artwork to create the pattern directly on the end of a stone so that you have a clear pattern of the shape you will be printing on the wallpaper.
  • Next, cut the shape of the print into the end of the stone so that it is raise from the end & very easy to press onto the wall directly.
  • In other words, if you hold the stamp and look at the printed end, it should become a raised picture. Your stamp can be as straightforward or as detailed as you want to make it, as long as it is something that you can easily print into the right shape to stamp onto the wall.

3. Stamp the Design

  • Using a paint roller tray or paper plate and a separate stone for each color, you can begin marking your areas and getting ready for the design stamping process.
  • Mark the areas where you want the stamp with a small pencil mark. Stones are non-absorbent, so you do use the exact stone for different colors.
  • Press the stone into the paint and press onto the wallpaper where you want the stamp to be. It is that simple to give the room a new, updated, trendy look without a lot of mess, expense, or work.

In Nutshell:

In this way, you can make the wallpaper with stones prints, or you can also go the ready-made stone background wallpaper for your space. The choice is all yours.