Follow these steps to Rank your Website on Top Keywords


Every year numerous tutorials, articles, and guides are published about SEO. If you are working in an SEO company in Dubai and want to rank your website, this article is for you. You wouldn’t find a detailed article like this that would explain each and every step of the way of your SEO journey. We have designed a step-by-step guide for you to follow for SEO optimization. Follow these steps If you want your website to rank higher in 2022.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

The first thing you need to do in order to rank your page is to improve your On-Site SEO. You can avail of SEO services in Dubai to help you rank your website. It is the best and the fastest way to improve the ranking of your page. The first thing you need to keep in your mind is to always remember to put your keywords at the beginning of your title tag. This process is called frontloading. This is important because Google emphasizes terms that are in the front rather than the terms that come at the end. The length of your article should be around 1800 words because the stats show that Google usually ranks pages that are 1447 words long or more.

Use LSI Keywords in Your Page

For SEO services in Dubai or anywhere in the world to work, you need to have a specific framework to follow. Adding LSI keywords to your content is a new tactic that is working really well right now. LSI keywords are those words that are related to the topic of the page. For instance, if the keyword is cold brew coffee, its LSI keywords would be beans, water, grind, filter, etc. LSI keywords are important because they show Google that the content is actually about the given topic. As we have observed, writing about one topic on a single page is the key to ranking. You can get LSI keywords through any online tool.

Manage Your Technical SEO

Technical SEO of a website can affect its performance massively, so it’s important that you pay special attention to it. When working on the technical SEO of your website, there are three things that you need to keep an eye on. Firstly, check that your website is entirely optimized for mobile devices. All you need to do to check this is to plug the URL from your website into Google to analyze the way people interact with your website, and if the response is positive, Google will rank your page higher, and if not, it will push your page down. The goal here is to provide the searcher with precisely what he/she was looking for.

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Decrease Your Bounce Rate

To improve your ranking, you need to improve your site’s bounce rate. If you own an SEO company in Dubai, you need to start looking for the bounce rate of your website. It is important because it doesn’t find a site credible when people land on a page only to bounce back to the search results quickly. Because this is a clear indication that the people aren’t happy with the content of the site. And if your bounce rate increases, it will become hard for you to rank your website. O decrease your bounce rate, you will have to create content according to search intent. Besides search intent, you can also check your “Above The Fold” section.

Above the fold is the first thing people see when they land on your website. And mostly, it is this above fold that makes the people stay on the website or leave it. What you can do to improve your above-the-fold page is to push your content to the first page of your website so that Google can recognize it as well. You should also structure your content to increase the readability of your audience. You can also add visuals to make it more comprehensible for users.

Aim on Publishing High-Quality Content

Good SEO services in Dubai are hard to find, so you can read this blog and implement it on your website for better ranking. Publish content that is good that it makes people share on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is helpful because Google’s ranking process is highly based on backlinks. Become a data source. Try to add as much information as you can so that the content is helpful for the readers and makes them share it further with people they know. 

Add Backlinks to Your Site

If you have a Digital Marketing agency in Dubai and are looking for strategies to rank your website high on Google, pay heed to what we are going to tell you about. You need to actively promote your content in order to want people to link to your content. There are three ways you can add backlinks to your site. Firstly, you can install the CheckMyLinks Chrome extension and scan a page that you find for a dead link. Then you reach out to the owner of the website to ask them to add your link instead, which would also be helpful to them. Secondly, start guest posting. You can post keyword-rich guest posts for good ranking. Thirdly, resource pages are the best for creating link building. These are the pages where the links are given to the best stuff on a given topic.

All in all, it is not really easy to get your website ranked high. It takes time, patience, and practice. You can add these practices into your website ranking process for great results. In the end, you can track your progress through Google analytics to find out about the results of the rankings of your page.