Steps to Grow Weed on Windowsill


Weed growing on the windowsill, it sounds weird, but it is in practice, and many weed growers grow marijuana and other weeds at their home as it is safe and convenient. However, growing marijuana is legal in Canada in many cities; therefore, people are utilizing practices of growing marijuana and other psychoactive weed in their homes.

It’s good for beginners as it is a cost-efficient method that doesn’t require any advanced skills. Moreover, growing weed on the windowsill is eco-friendly for growers, and it gets direct natural sunlight that helps in the effective growth of weed. 

If you are not aware of the steps and tricks of growing weed on the windowsill, then this blog may help you as we write the step to step process of growing weed. 

Not set too much expectation.

If you are a beginner, then don’t be influenced by the pictures that a professional grower has published as from windowsill weed growing, you will get a limited amount of bud. However, marijuana is a plant that can be grown anywhere in various climates. Still, it’s essential to understand that you may not get excessive quantities because the windowsill growing space is small. 

Get the right spot to plant weed.

Usually, marijuana requires 18–30°C of temperature with 40-70% of humidity. However, artificial air conditioning is also helpful in growing marijuana. Direct sunlight is essential for growing marijuana, so make sure to place your plant in a window where it gets direct and sufficient sunlight.

Choose the quality strain.  

Quality of strain determines the further growth of the marijuana plant, and if you are growing marijuana on the windowsill, then it’s crucial to choose the proper genetics of strain. Autoflowering strains are the one that doesn’t vary with the amount of light like photoperiodic strains. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you can get the various strains from SweetLeaf

Seedling of your windowsill weed

With the help of a plastic cup or pot, you can germinate the seed on the windowsill as it allows you to take care of the plant root. Within a few days of germination, the seed starts seedling that requires special care and attention for proper and healthy growth. Furthermore, when the seed begins developing nodes, place the plant into a bigger pot from the smaller plastic cup. 

Preparation of pot and soil

To grow marijuana on a windowsill, it’s essential to pick a substantial pot that holds the plant properly. However, the quality of the soil decides the healthy plant, so make sure the quality of the soil before planting weed in it. If your soil lacks nutrients and minerals, then add additional supplements to it. 

To The Sum Up 

Growing weeds indoor practices are in great demand, and the weed growing in windowsill becomes a trendy way of growing marijuana. If you are also willing to grow marijuana on the windowsill, get the best quality of strains from SweetLeaf and follow the steps mentioned above to gain more yield.