Steps of Mobile Application Development Process in 2021

Mobile Application Development

In this digitally advancing era, the demand for a mobile app development process for worldwide corporate companies has become critical. Apps have generated billions of dollars in income through app stores and in-app advertising, which is a key reason why businesses are investing in Mobile Application Development.

The process of app development is typically a six-phase workflow, which we’ll go through in detail in this article. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, you can use these techniques to design a mobile app and make it a tremendous success.

Development Strategy for Mobile Apps

Always have a plan in place for your mobile app development process to ensure that your final product is a success. A significant portion of this can be invested in the app development process as a whole. Everyone’s goals for designing mobile apps from numerous app development companies are different, and you must adhere to the same for an app-specific impact.

Mobile App Development Process Analysis and Planning

In this phase, your app will begin to take shape or the actual project will begin. In this step of the mobile app development process, the app’s use cases are established, as well as a clear representation of its functional needs.

Developing an app for both the iOS and Android platforms necessitates the use of various app development technology stacks. It also entails recruiting or hiring both iOS and Android developers.

Put a unique name for your app after conducting thorough research in each app store to ensure that it is not already in use!

Involvement of UI/UX Design in the Development of Mobile Apps

Your software should have a professional appearance and provide a seamless and painless user experience. A seasoned UI UX design services firm can ensure this.

When you create the greatest mobile applications, your app will be a major hit with consumers since they will be able to successfully adapt and profit from all of its features.

The goal of UI/UX design is to provide an exceptional user experience that makes your software engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly in order to keep people interested.

App Development 

Planning is always the most important aspect of this step. Before you begin the process of designing mobile apps, make sure you have the following in place:

  • The technical architecture has been established
  • The technology stack has been selected
  •  and development milestones have been established.

Three key components in designing a mobile app are as follows:

  • Back-end/server technology, 
  • API(s), and
  •  the mobile app front-end 


In Mobile Application Development, thorough software quality assurance (QA) testing guarantees that the apps are trustworthy, usable, and safe.

To achieve a full QA process for your app, you must first build test cases that cover all aspects of app testing. The same way that “use cases” drive the development of a mobile app, test cases drive mobile app testing. Test cases include test steps, software quality evaluations with documented findings, and re-testing with fixes tracked.

As a best practice strategy, your QA team of the best Mobile Application Development company should be involved in the Analysis and Design phases of app development.

Support & Deployment

You must submit your native apps to the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android before they can be released. However, you must have a developer account with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store before you can launch your mobile app with app development.

When you publish an app in your app store, you must prepare metadata such as:

  • Launch icon
  • App title
  • Description
  • Category
  • Keywords 
  • screenshots from the app store.

Conclusion After the first launch, the Mobile Application Development process continues to update the app based on user input and additional features. Quality apps can be provided by a premier app development company like DevBatch to organizations in any vertical or area. We also ensure that your app is effective by following the methods outlined above.