Step By Step Guide To Fitting Number Plates

Fitting Number Plates

Fitting a new number plate is a quick and easy way to enhance the appearance of your car. You might be considering fitting a number plate for a variety of reasons, such as you want to change your current number plate for a private one, you are installing a 4D number plate, or maybe your old plate has been stolen. Whatever the reason is, if you are looking for ways to replace your existing number plate, this guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide.

How to fit a number plate?

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Personalised number plates have been trending for several years, which is why a number of people are investing in buying these expensive plates. It might be easy for people to buy these number plates, but many people don’t know how to fix them. Private number plates are simple to fit using either number plate fixing pads or self-tapping screws. Whatever method you use, you will need some knowledge and high-quality tools to get the job done. Here are some easy steps that will save you from the effort and make the task easier for you.

What you need

  • A cordless or electric drill machine
  • Appropriate type 4mm to 6mm drill bit for drilling holes
  • A clean and soft piece of cloth
  • Fishing wire for removing old adhesive pads from the vehicle. 
  • A good quality screwdriver
  • Self-tapping screws of high quality
  • Original screws if they are not damaged
  • Screw caps for giving a neat look
  • Protection gloves
  • Sticky pads

Remove the existing number plate

While planning on fitting a new number plate to your vehicle, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to remove the existing number plate. The method of removing a number plate depends on how the number plate is fixed. Usually, they are screwed or stuck using sticky pads. If your existing number plate is screwed, you need to remove the screws and pull off the number plate.

Screwed number plate

Removing the screws is not as easy as it sounds because you need to make sure that the plate doesn’t fall. Use the right tools for unscrewing bolts and screws.

Stuck with sticky pads

Talking about the sticky pads, the best way to remove them from the number plate is the fishing wire method. Put on gloves to prevent cut or injury, then wrap a fishing wire around your fingers. Put the wire behind the plate and move it back and forth. The plate will lose its grip and gets removed. However, make sure not to damage your vehicle.

Mount the number plate

After completing the first step of removing the number plate, the next step is mounting the other number plate. Depending on the number plate you are using, this step is easy to perform. If you are planning to mount it with screws, begin the process by determining the right position for screws. To know the exact position where you need to drill holes, you can use the old number plate and mark the points. You need to drill carefully so it doesn’t drill through any digit. After drilling holes, plate the plate on the vehicle and use screws. Place the caps over the screws and press firmly so they don’t fall out. While mounting the number plate with screws, the screw caps enhance the overall look of the number plate.

Sticky pad number plate

If you want to go with the sticky pad number plate, it would be much simpler and easier. For starting the process, you need to begin with cleaning the area where the plate has to be fixed. To remove the old sticky pad, you can use some solvent for de-greasing it. Once after cleaning the area of the vehicle, get the new number plate ready to be stuck. All you need to do is apply sticky pads at the back of your number plate. For better adhesion, apply as many sticky pads as you want in every direction. Apply in the vertical and horizontal direction for long-lasting results. Clean the area of your vehicle and remove the backing of the sticky pads before applying the number plate to the vehicle. Place the plate in the right position and apply some pressure so it gets stuck properly. It is a simple and easy method you can perform yourself.

Final words

The need to fitting a new number plate can occur anytime due to several possible reasons, such as a stolen number plate, damaged number plate or desire of installing a 4D number plate. However, it is essential to have enough knowledge of fitting number plates. You can get help from experienced service providers if you find fitting number plates difficult. However, this step by step guide will help you perform the procedure easily by yourself.