Stay Anonymous By Buying A VPS Server With Bitcoin


Online businesses are always looking for the best hosting options for their websites. VPS hosting plans offer a more cost-effective option than shared hosting.

VPS hosting can be paid through a credit or debit card. Many people opt for this option. However, crypto-friendly hosting plans are becoming more popular.

You can choose this method to avoid paying through your bank accounts. Instead, you may make your VPS pay with crypto such as Bitcoin.

The principal motive for site owners to look into cryptocurrency payment methods is the anonymity of hosting plans.

This article will discuss how cryptocurrency can help you purchase VPS hosting.

Let’s get it started.

1. Why Choose VPS Servers To Host Your Website?

VPS hosting offers a low-cost and cost-effective way to host websites. VPS hosting does not allow users to host multiple sites from one server. Shared hosting comes with separate charges.

For instance, if you want to host ten websites using a shared host method, it will cost 50 dollars to host them all.

Contrary to this, when VPS hosting is purchased at 20 USD per month, it encourages users to host more sites than just ten. This will save you a lot.

VPS hosting has a higher level of security than shared hosting plans. VPS server hosting can include server-level security, such as caches and firewalls.

VPS hosting offers another benefit. You can also buy VPS with cryptocurrency. It is cryptocurrency-friendly and allows you to hide your identity while hosting a website.

2. Why Should VPS Hosting Be Purchased With Bitcoin

These are just a few of the many reasons you can benefit from buying VPS hosting over cryptocurrency.

Let us discuss the most important factors.

Crypto Makes Website Hosting Anonymous

With cryptocurrency, it is easier to sell and buy goods online. You will remain anonymous when purchasing services using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This allows you to avoid the theft scare, as no one knows you personally.

To illustrate, hackers and other competitors won’t be able to access the information you provide when you buy VPSs with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

They can’t trace that you’ve purchased your website via Bitcoin. That means they didn’t know your identity.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Since cryptocurrency is not centralized, all store owners allow transactions to be made using it. You can also purchase cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any other type, from anywhere.

It is illegal for non-government agencies or administrations to monitor someone’s purchase of cryptocurrencies and other transactions.

He isn’t concerned about his data or identity being leaked.

Hackers could gain access to your data if you buy VPSs or other products using your credit cards.

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that ensures transactions are secure.

Cryptocurrency uses two-factor authentication so even if hackers steal your information, you can still access the private key.

But, hackers can still hack your private keys and send you confirmation information by email or phone number.

Bitcoin Is Economical

On every transaction you make, if you buy VPS hosting that uses FIAT currency, there may be a 3.6% tax. This tax money comes from PayPal feels and administration tax.

VPS hosting services using cryptocurrency are a way to save a lot of money. The tax money paid goes to the cryptocurrency miner and system.

Cryptocurrency offers a more affordable option than FIAT currencies. It’s also much more affordable than FIAT currencies. You have less chance of having your data stolen or compromised.

Other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, won’t make you pay a penny in taxes.

Bitcoin Is Helping The Third World

Another benefit of Bitcoin VPS hosting premium is that you don’t need a bank account. This allowed many people to make online transactions without having to open a bank account.

It doesn’t mean you have to use a debit/credit card to pay for online transactions. Instead, you have the option to pay your shopping expenses through cryptocurrency.

3. Router Hosting: Who Is It?

Router Hosting is the right place to go if your goal is to have VPS hosting on a site. Router Hosting provides reliable and robust services to make your experience a pleasant one.

Router Hosting gives you the ability to pay with Bitcoin, so you’re not limited in your flexibility.

Various packages start at 0.0010 Bitcoin. VPS hosting services can also be hired in Bitcoin using FIAT currencies

We have listed the most popular Router Hosting advantages.

  • VPS Hosting is the most cost-effective option. You will be able to handle the website as you wish.
  • Router Hosting offers more active support and alternatives.
  • Router Hosting provides emergency recovery services.
  • It requires patience and a long-term strategy.
  • You can host Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress with one click.
  • Router Hosting can assist you with any problem. Our experienced staff is very quick to solve all your problems.
  • Router Hosting makes it easy to conceal your identity through VPS hosting with Bitcoin.