How Do You Start a Mobile App Development Agency Without Capital


How Do You Start a Mobile App Development Agency Without Capital?

Are you worried because you want to launch your mobile app development company but have a low-cut budget?

You may think that starting a mobile app development company requires a hefty investment like you need for starting any business. This is not entirely true because developing mobile applications is now very feasible for common people. Thanks to the ever-expanding group of tools for easy app development.

The main thing is if you believe you can earn a lot of money with your app, there is nothing wrong with just starting.

In this article, we will guide you step by step on how you can begin. We don’t say you will necessarily earn money but if you wish to try your luck, you can follow this guide.

You must know the aim of your app

First of all, you should have a crystal-clear idea about your application’s objectives and uses. A great way to do that is to begin making a blueprint for your mobile application and slowly delve deeper into details.

Your first draft should include your app’s intended purpose, features, and other important details. You may want to outline design choices for your app to particular original pieces of a feature that no other similar application offers in the app stores.

You need to research your target market

Now that you have a draft at hand about your application’s proposals, the next step is researching the people who will benefit the most from it.

Make a customer persona that maps out all details about your ideal consumer including their whereabouts, age, likes, and dislikes, and other aspects related to your app’s functionality.

As you make your customer persona, modify your blueprint as needed. You may find your original idea unique and incredible but, it may seem boring and monotonous to your to-be consumers.

If you feel this, you should make use of this empirical data and tweak the original idea to make it appealing to your target audience.

You have to select a Platform

Pick one app store and develop a mobile application for it first because it will cost you significantly less than creating an iOS and Android application.

To choose the right application store, evaluate your prospective customers carefully to determine if one of the app stores entertains more prospective customers.

Sign Up as A Developer

Now that you have chosen a suitable platform, the next step is to sign up for that app store. If you have no or very low capital, this is the best possible option. Several companies provide wide-ranging toolkits, letting you design and program an app from scratch, with zero or little know-how of coding.

 As iOS App Store and Google Play Store are two giant platforms right now, we will discuss only them. When you develop an application, you have to send it to an Appstore. The platform will evaluate your app to work out if it is up to the mark. Every company has a different process to check that.

Moreover, they also ensure that your mobile application doesn’t contain any malware or any other nastiness.

Though these toolkits only have a few design options and functionality, they are extremely effective for creating a prototype of a mobile app and evaluating it before deciding on specialized development. What’s more, you can keep using these resources forever if your app isn’t complex.

There are various platforms for which you can develop an app like Good Barber, Game Salad, io, AppMachine, Appy Pie, Mobile Roadie, Shoutem, and more.

We recommend that you sign up for the iOS Developer Program of Apple’s Appstore which requires $99/year as a sign-up fee. For the Google Play store, you would need to join its Developer Console which costs$25. Plus, you will also need to create a Google Account.

Both programs offer many excellent developer tools, but we suggest you use as its Develop and Distribute tabs supply incredible resources to guide you about product design and marketing.

Pitch Your Idea to Invite Funding

If you think you can’t possibly pay even the nominal fee for google play store and apple app store, don’t fret. You are not alone.

A huge number of new businesses face this problem. Don’t be shy to attempt and pitch the concept of your app to investors. If you are confident that your application will be a massive success in the field, you need to do business planning wisely.

You may want to explore crowdfunding and investment opportunities that can support your company initially.


You can start your mobile application business with limited or no resources. It’s not impossible but needs careful planning. Ensure that you are clear on your main idea, your target market, and the features you want to add to the mobile app.

After deciding on the outcome of your application, choose a mobile development platform to develop the app yourself. Another option is to hire professional app developers if you can afford it.

Additionally, don’t just discard the idea of contacting an app developer agency at once. Rather ask them about the costs and development options. In this way, you both may come to a reasonable solution that meets your requirements.