How to make a Star Wars lightsaber

star wars lightsaber

So you need to cut a block of wood that is going to be around 1 inch thick, 5 inches long, and 4-5 inches across. This will make a lightsaber handle that can comfortably fit in your hand. For mine, I used plywood cause it was lightweight, but one could use pine (weighted down with something if it wasn’t heavy enough).
When you have done that, carve out from the middle big enough to fit a battery.
If your base is bigger, it will need to be cut down for more compactness. (I will get on to how I did this later)
Now I used a little black paint here on the handle to make it a little more realistic looking at zia saber.
The next step is to get the LED and battery.
Now, normally, if you want sound, you would put this inside the hole in the handle, but I just wanted light, so I used it on top of the hole. This way, it’s far less bulky, although you might want two batteries for it if your lights are going to be on for a while.
Now you have it all wired up, go into the hole and glue down your battery pack with hot glue. This way, it’s held in place but is easily removable (in case if you want to change batteries). Now since I used plywood, the base of mine was quite large, so I decided to make it more compact by carving off some of the wood. (See pictures for results and how I did it).
Now onto adding the blade! This isn’t 100% necessary, but I thought it looked cool, so here we go!
First, get you a good long piece of corrugated cardboard, like from an old box or something. Now length depends on the sword size, but you want it to be about 1-2 inches thick, so hold up your lightsaber and then cut out a piece that will go in between the sides.
Now wrap this piece of cardboard around the taped blade (the one at the top) so that it fits nicely against its edges. Then tape the cardboard down to the top of the lightsaber. Now cut another piece that is going to fit in the bottom (usually 3-4 inches will do).
Now you get a long piece of corrugated cardboard, and tape it up, so it fits snugly on the bottom, then glue down where ever you feel necessary (I just glued mine flat onto the sides) and now get another piece of cardboard and just tape it on the bottom.
Now you need to cut out some pieces of cardboard so that when each side is folded up, it will cover both the sides and the middle. Now, this part can be difficult cause you don’t want too much space, as then your blade will shine through… This took me a while to get right. I folded the cardboard up until it was about an inch thick and then just cut out the piece where it fits perfectly. Now make sure when you’re cutting your blade that it’s exactly 0.5 cm from one end (if that’s how much you want each side).
So now tape down the rest of your blade. Make sure you tape it really well cause if these parts come to lose, then your blade will be loose and won’t stay straight when it rotates.
Now for the last touch, get your Elmers glue (or some other strong adhesive) and just coat over each side of the cardboard to make sure that it holds. You could also use hot glue if you find that Elmer’s glue doesn’t stick enough. (see pictures)
Now, this isn’t totally necessary, but I decided to paint my blade black and then use silver paint for the middle of it. Now to do it, first spray or brush on a coat of black over the whole blade and let dry, then get some white acrylic paint (or any other sort) and thin out with water. Make sure it’s not too thick, or it won’t make the blade look transparent enough to see through.) Now in small dots, put white paint on your blade (top and bottom), then put black paint over the top so that you can still tell the difference in color.
Now the last bit, put some silver paint (or any other metal color) in a pot and heat up until it melts. (if this doesn’t work, then try putting it in the microwave for about 2 minutes). Now get an old toothbrush or similar item that you don’t care about getting stained with metal paint, dip your brush into the melted silver and then just make a good even brush stroke across your blade.
Now you should have a nice metal-looking lightsaber! To get the activation sound, all you need to do is put two pieces of tape over the on/off button, and when you push it down, they will touch each other. Now, if that’s too much work, or if you don’t want to ruin your lightsaber, then just get a simple LED flashlight and place it in the hilt like your picture shows.
Now put everything back together (batteries, blade, etc.), and you have a cool-looking saber! I hope this was helpful to some people.