Spice Up Your Room With these 5 Glitter Sticker Wall Decor ideas!


The good news is that, you don’t always have to  buy expensive wallpapers or giant paintings to decorate your room.  The lightweight, flexible, and affordable glitter stickers can turn your blank-walled house into a heartwarming, beautiful home! We are not talking about those tiny stickers that your teacher used to gift you in per-school, but those varieties of amazing stickers that are available in market nowadays.

You won’t believe that glitter stickers have come a long way and now are available in  many bewitching shapes that you might have never imagined.

Dive down to treat yourself with amazing glitter sticker wall décor ideas.

Which Type of Glittery Stickers Can Amp Up Your Room?

Don’t just bombard the walls with tons of stickers. The walls must look elegant, beautiful.

Wondering what types of sticker you can get for your room? Here are some ideas:

  1. Dazzling Glittery Rainbow Sticker

The glittery rainbow sticker is a perfect fit for a study room gallery wall. With an addition of soft background wallpaper, this sticker can pop up even more when placed above your study table!

  • Enthralling Gold Circle Glitter Stickers

The glittery gold circles or balls can amp up your rooms and add a next-level bar-like energy to your room. You can either paste them on the walls or simply hang them on the corner of your living room to let them shine and steal the show!

  • Sparkling Glittery Letters

Stylish, colorful glittery letters can play an incredible role on the gallery walls. The minimalist letters add energy to the entire room without compromising the sophisticated and neutral atmosphere.

  • Pink Glitter Unicorn Sticker

Pink unicorn sticker has the potential of animating the entire room with its eye-catching visuals, without overcrowding your room with shimmering glitters.

The perfect spot for pasting this glitter sticker can be the top of your headboard.

  • Glittery USA Flag Décor

Glittery flag décor is too adorable to get unnoticed to by viewers who visit your home. Having one on your wall can show off your artistic taste to the viewers. Paste the glittery flag on center of your subtle wall of your dinning hall or drawing room.

Red-Alert: Never Do this while Decorating Your Walls with Glittery Stickers!

Don’t create a mess! Stick with the theme of the gallery wallpaper and avoid pasting all kind of stickers on the same spot.

The above ideas are, for sure, going to take your room’s energy to the next level. But, creating a mess can change the entire game. Getting expert suggestion is a good idea, if you aren’t good at designing.

Final Words!

The art of decorating your walls with glitter stickers starts with deciding the spot. It could the top of your headboard, the center of your dining hall, or any other spot you’d like to shimmer with the amazing glittery stickers.

If you’ve got your favourite stickers already, then simply paste it on your favourite spot. And, if not, buy them from any store or online shop, to start your artistic. journey!