South facing vastu brings bad luck? Vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals the truth!

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Vastu consultant in Kolkata often finds that south facing vastus are considered as bad. They are believed to bring bad luck for the residents. But what is the truth? Let us discover it today!

There are 8 padas in the south side of the vastu, meaning there are 8 types of properties having south facing. Before calling it bad or good you need to evaluate the pada accurately.

The north and east facing vastus have its advantages but it does not mean that south or west zonal facing is all bad. 

Vastu consultant in Kolkata says that out of 8 padas in south, 3 padas are very auspicious, for both residential and factory vastu. We list their features in brief. 

  1. Sp 2 entrance boosts resident’s tendency to work for others. Those who work in private organizations, this entrance offers motivation for them.
  2. Sp 3 entrance has the potential to bring immense prosperity. Moreover the occupants of such a property become smart enough to get their work done. Needless to say, this skill is highly crucial for office areas for obvious reasons. 
  3. Sp 4 entrance offers prosperity and success to its residents, be it business and individuals. 

Thus vastu consultant in Kolkata highly recommends using one of these 3 entrances. If you do so you can get these listed benefits. However, if your door is present in the Sp 1 pada as well, it can be used after applying the remedies. 

But you must avoid the remaining 4 door slots which are Sp 5, Sp 6, Sp 7 and Sp 8. Their ill-effects can be reduced significantly with high end remedies, but still these are extremely inauspicious. 

Fixing them 100% is very challenging. And thus vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends avoiding south west entrance at all cost. 

If you place your door in the suggested padas you will reap the benefits in both personal and professional aspects. In case you are making a new home, you can easily make a vastu compliant vastu. 

However if your building is all set you can either make changes accordingly or make the best out of it. You should contact the vastuvids to get the remedies for it. 

For more information on south facing vastu all you need to do is get in touch with us at Vaastu Mangaal. We have the best vastu consultant in Kolkata for all your needs. 

Book an appointment with us for more information.Description- vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals that not all south facing vastu are bad. Some of them can be extremely good for its residents.