Some Tricks to Make Your Windows Attractive with Drapery

Pole and ring drapery

Draperies, a traditional window treatment style, now have new and stylish looks with different kinds of rings and pole designs. There are certain guidelines to hang curtains so that they look their best. A house can have different kinds of windows – some big and some small. You will have to choose the window curtains according to your personal taste. However, pole and ring drapery are the most common and a highly popular style of window covering.

Curtains and draperies muffle sound, filter sunlight, offer privacy and also make a house all the more beautiful. The curtains can create a soft look inside any space. The panel of fabrics for drapery offer comfort and add incredible beauty to a space. Despite being such a huge selection of window coverings, pole and ring drapery are also the most fashionable window treatment out there.

Some Tips to Make the Most of Your Draperies

  • Withthis type of window treatment, less is more, meaning, when you use draperies, keep trimmings and embellishments to the minimum. You should focus on the texture, fabric, pattern and color of the curtains so that they can wonderfully complement the whole furnishing of a room and add to its beauty.
  • Curtains can hide flaws of a window and enhancetheir overall Therefore, you should choose curtains such that they look the best when hung in windows. Before purchasing draperies, check whether the window will look good with them, whether they will be fashionable and whether these window treatments will hide flaws of windows. Long straight draperies on standard windows look great and also make the overall window appear larger.
  • When you choose pole and ring draperystyle, make sure that the curtains are hung high and they swing low. Hang the drapery high on the wall and let them touch the floor. This will create an illusion of a greater height in the room.
  • What will be the width of the curtains? Well, windows get a lush look when the curtains are double the window’s width. Now, this depends on certain factors like the purpose of the drapes, whether they will be closed or opened, the type of fabric of the curtains and so on. Choosing a curtain fabric according to the color and style palette of a room is the bestapproach.

There are different ways of hanging a curtain besides pole and ring drapery style. Thus, one should pick according to their specific preferences.