Software for HVAC: Get Organized


The HVAC service industry incorporates several elements of heating, cooling, and electricity, so with that large of a plate to work with, it makes sense that some companies are turning to software to help lighten and reorganize the load. Software for HVAC companies needs to meet certain standards to boost productivity, particularly for field service employees. So, what software may be most helpful for your business?

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Software for HVAC: Get Organized

When HVAC companies think about choosing a software program for their business, many turn to the experts. But while experts may be able to provide guidance, it’s truly up to businesses to select the best software for them based on their user needs, the services they offer, and even the size of their business.

Software for HVAC companies can be essential. Industry-related fields are relying on software more than ever to refine business management and make the process of servicing clients more seamless. With the understanding that the future is digital, companies in every industry are reorganizing their business practices to streamline certain processes. Here are a few key features to look out for when you are selecting the software for your HVAC company.


Inventory includes keeping track of in-house stock, stock that may be with field employees, and stock that will need to be replaced. Ideally, software for your business should automatically keep track of stock, including keeping a minimum on stock re-order and automatically removing “used” stock from the list.


Management refers to managing customer contacts, job site management, and employees. Customer management should incorporate all customer information, including tax settings and preferred pricing. Employee management can include aspects such as timesheets, payroll, and more.  

Orders and Scheduling

Because HVAC demand can be high, it’s also important that your software can also handle elements like work orders, scheduling, quotes for new work orders, and invoicing. This part of your technology can also include To-Dos for your employees.

Why Does Software Matter?

Software used by HVAC companies focuses on balancing service goals and increasing the profitability of the business. Using the right software can ease the burden of scheduling and ensure that all business needs and resources are met at all times. For field service management, the right software solution is the key to running a good business.

That said, the software market for HVAC companies is surprisingly large, so there are a lot of competitors to choose between. If you want the software your business uses to improve your business operations and your bottom line, then you’ll need to choose technology that hits all of your important points, such as inventory and accounting. Knowing what you need in your HVAC software is just as important as recognizing how helpful software can be for your business.

HVAC In the Future

The overall outlook for HVAC companies is very positive for the future. Both residential and commercial markets are on an upward swing, which means there’s more demand now than ever for HVAC services. In particular, the residential market for HVAC services is projected to remain steady over the next few years as homeownership trends more positively. New sustainability technology used for HVAC services means companies also play a role in providing HVAC services for remodelled homes, as well.

For your business to keep up with new service demands, it’s important to utilize technology that keeps your business organized and on track. Software is instrumental for organizing all the data and information used by your company so you can leverage the best decision-making for issues related to contracts, field employees, and inventory.

Which Software Is the Best?

While there are dozens of HVAC software available, one of the most effective and flexible software is ServiceBox, a unique software program that offers features that will help you keep your business organized. ServiceBox can be used electronically and on-the-go, and also includes Work Order and Scheduling components.

Service Box creates a unique experience for HVAC companies. This software contains every important type of software application, along with detailed options that allow for better tracking, organizing, and overall productivity. From customer management to employee management to inventory and work orders, ServiceBox is an ideal software for HVAC companies. Some specific features include:

  • Portal
  • Customer management
  • Contracts
  • Job site management
  • Employee management
  • Timesheets
  • Quotes
  • Work orders (new and recurring)
  • Scheduling
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Marketplace
  • Notifications
  • Mobile access
  • Reporting
  • Inventory

Additionally, ServiceBox also offers software integration for accounting, such as QuickBooks, Sage 50 Canada, and Individual Revenue Accounts. If you run into trouble, ServiceBox has transparent support that can be reached through communication channels with the software development team.

HVAC companies need to use software to keep up with the demands of a modern business, particularly because the market for HVAC services is projected to grow in the future. The software used for your business should meet all of your needs, so it’s important to examine the features of the software to ensure the software will elevate the productivity and profitability of your business.