Smart Card Making Tips and Tricks for 2021


Interested in papercraft as a hobby? Are you interested in trying something new? Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced die cutter, our handy hints and tips will make card-making much more fun.

For those just starting, buying card making kits that contain pre-cut components, instructions, and embellishments is the easiest and quickest way to proceed.  

Make Use of Leftover Paper Scraps.

There is no such thing as cheap paper. Repurpose your paper scraps. You can always punch or use a die-cut machine to cut simple shapes if you have scrap paper. Those paper shapes are perfect for embellishing cards. Everyone wants to save money, right?

Beautiful papers are expensive. Don’t throw away paper scraps. Repurpose them. Simple shapes can always be cut from scrap paper using punches and die-cut machines. You can embellish your cards with those paper shapes. 

Don’t limit your paper supply choices to normal sources.

Have you ever noticed the gifts bags and wrapping paper available in the store’s card section? Why don’t you make cards from unconventional sources? 

A heavier paperweight is often used for gift bags since it is just the right weight for making cards. Simply unfold the bags and cut your desired shapes from them, avoiding the creases.

Use quality Pens and Pencils.

Pens and pencils are essential items, and manufacturers strive to bring you top-quality products from the leading brands in the market. Do not forget to add some quality pencils and paper to your collection.

Make use of a white polymer eraser.

Many people use a pencil to draw slight marks to show where they should place cut-out paper shapes onto a card before sticking them down. 

It is essential to erase pencil marks after adhering to embellishments. Utilizing white polymer erasers only is recommended. Dark spots and smudges will appear on your card if you use pink erasers or pencil erasers.

Make your corners round instead of square.

Your card will look more professional and exciting if you punch the corners. Simply punch 10mm corners to get great results. This punch can also be used to give your business cards and photos an updated look.

You can easily elevate retail cards by adding dimensional elements to them, which is part of making them fun. Your card project will stand out more when you use foam tape and dots between the items.

Stamps Should Be Cleaned regularly.

 You can spray some cold water (no soap) onto the stamp area and dab it dry with a paper towel or a clean cloth if it is made from water-soluble ink. 

The surface of the stamp could be damaged if you scrub it by rubbing it against it. Proper care will help your stamps last a long tie, so it’s better to avoid scrubbing the paperweight. 

Wrapping Up

Even though it may be tempting to cut corners and buy cheap materials from super cheap websites, it is imperative to remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably really is. 

Papercraft companies charge a certain price for their equipment because of a number of factors, including their high-quality performance and durability. So choose wisely!