Small Kitchen Ideas for a More Efficient Space 

quartz countertops
quartz countertops

All kitchens need some creative design concepts to make them functional and attractive. Small kitchens are ideal for those who don’t have large space. However, the word “minimal” doesn’t necessarily mean boring. A lack of square footage will not limit the design possibilities for your kitchen. It’s incredible how you can create a kitchen that looks and feels luxurious. 

It can be challenging to keep a clean mess in a tiny space, particularly for those who live in city homes, so whether constructing with hundreds or even thousands of square feet or the equivalent. Storage is among the most crucial elements of the kitchen in a small space. As a result, the trend for kitchen designs benefits from less clutter and greater effectiveness. Begin by thinking about the way you use your kitchen and where it needs to go. This will determine the type of storage you’ll need. Check out these suggestions you can incorporate into your kitchen.

  1. Space-saving sliding doors
  2. Consider the dimensions
  3. Be creative with corners
  4. Using wall space design
  5. Don’t ignore the details
  6. Make the space green
  7. Choose bright colors
  8. Invest in flexible storage
  9. Consider striking flooring
  10. Cover up kitchen appliances
  11. Make the kitchen island table
  12. Match cabinets to the walls

Space-saving sliding doors:

In a small kitchen and tight space, you could consider removing the door to eliminate the sensation of being claustrophobic. However, an entry in a kitchen is a great device to block the smells of cooking from spreading to the rest of your home. Think about the sliding door that is the ideal space-saving divider. In this tiny dining room concept, the owner has chosen to use a sliding door that occupies a small space but further provides further separation from the kitchen. 

Consider the dimensions:

The kitchens should be as efficient as they are beautiful quartz countertops. If you consider a standard galley kitchen, it will have six feet of width and 12 ft in length. When planning your layout, make sure you leave a foot of walkway space on the other side of your island, worktop, and peninsula counter. Again, this is a practical and aesthetically effective aspect to consider.

Use moveable furniture:

Expand your space with movable furniture. Select furniture that can be moved to give space for use. The table can be extended to create an island-like structure that, when needed, can be extended to become an adequate dining table for dinner times. It could also be an ideal deck space for those who work at home. Because furniture can be collapsible, the room won’t be affected by the requirement for tables. It’s an efficient approach to using the area to its maximum potential.

Be creative with corners:

A small kitchen can still accommodate all but the primary needs of serving and food preparation, which will require a lot of “stuff.” It is, therefore, essential to make the most use of space you have by utilizing suitable designs. Be sure that the racks can be as high as possible to increase the room’s size. 

Utilize the power of corners and other clever devices will help you make the most of every square inch like this under-cabinet glass rack. Glasses that are hung above the cabinets take the space previously unnecessary and make storage space available inside the cabinets.

Using wall space design:

Using wall space for the image of a small design. If the space is limited, creative kitchen designs that are compact come to the help. However, suppose you’re faced with a small space. In that case, the layout must be carefully assessed to ensure that every square inch of the kitchen is used to its fullest.

The idea of putting a cabinet bank across one wall is an excellent way to streamline and open your space. Wall units with tall heights are best designed for narrow, galley-style kitchens because this type of space, the kitchen, is less crowded than when filled with traditional dressers.

Don’t ignore the details:

If you’re planning to design a fresh kitchen to make the area more usable, do not overlook the more nuanced aspects. Small details like the choice of materials are crucial in creating a kitchen with a small space.

But whites and creams have become less trendy right now, and a good compromise is a smoky grey color with smoking oak wood, paired with the matte grey paint. Mix these tones with lighter-colored best quartz countertops, and the kitchen is sure to appear large with a light and spacious feel.

Make the space green:

 You can improve your sleep with fresh mint greens. Smaller kitchens are more prone to because of their nature. Take this issue head-on by painting your kitchen with a hue that is conducive to relaxation. Green is the perfect tone in terms of creating a sense of calm and relaxed, due to the abundance of the natural world. Mix and match different hues in the walls, cabinets, and quartz countertops. The layers will resemble the green of a woodland or woodland glade, increasing the impact.

Choose bright colors:

Make your kitchen appear light and airy by going for a neutral color scheme. However, neutral doesn’t just mean beige or cream kitchen ideas. Combine white tile patterns and marble worktops with egg-blue kitchen cabinetry to create the perfect kitchen color scheme that bounces light, making the kitchen appear large.

Invest in flexible storage:

In a small kitchen, you must think outside the box in terms of storage. So instead of buying ordinary shelves, this wire-panel shelving made of string maximizes storage capacity by adapting to the kitchen’s requirements. For example, put in or remove frames, set glasses upside down, and install a rack. Of course, if you have limited space, it is essential to ensure that every inch is counted.

Consider striking flooring:

 Draw attention away from by introducing striking flooring. In a small kitchen, go all-out and use bold tiling. A unique pattern on the floor catches the eyes and makes the room appear larger. The copper planter hanging is the perfect way to add life and color to the kitchen without creating clutter on the work surfaces.

Cover up kitchen appliances:

 Cover up appliances from a kitchen cupboard. Avoid surfaces looking messy by putting the toaster, kettle, and coffee machine in a kitchen cupboard. Then, when you open the cabinet, the gadget you love is waiting to be used. This is a clever method to use tricky corners and ensure that no kitchen gadgets get lost in the back of cabinets.

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Make the kitchen island table:

A kitchen island may seem like a bad idea for a small kitchen. However, in an expansive, narrow kitchen, a well-thought-out kitchen island could be ideal for creating additional storage space and surfaces and keeping the kitchen a social space. Pick an island like the one shown above, with ample storage space beneath to store away your vegetables and other linens. 

Match cabinets to the walls:

Create the illusion of having more space in the kitchen by painting the cabinets the same hue as the walls. The ideal white kitchen concept creates an airy and light play in which the cabinets integrate into the kitchen’s walls. This kitchen has every square inch filled with storage space. However, a uniform whitewash ensures that the room is clean and spacious.


Kitchens with small spaces are both an advantage and a drawback. Even the most experienced interior designers have to face the difficulties they pose in combining appliances and storage. But, with the above-mentioned design and efficient use of every square inch, smaller kitchens can be a lot more enjoyable to cook in than larger ones. There are many excellent ideas and tricks to make sure the space you have is practical.