Singhal Industries is One of the Leading Manufacturer of Warning Tape Tile


Warning Tape Tile is considered to be a lower density polyethene sheet constituting an underground warning tape that is printed in black as well as laminated on one part of the side. With the help of underground warning, tape one can easily protect pipes as well as cables in comparison to standard warning tape.

Such tape tiles constitute heavy marking of custom text over the tape. The manufacturing of cable protection tiles is done with the help of heavy-duty like safeguard buried cables such as fibre optic cables, electric cable as well as a gas pipeline from any kind of damage.

The damage might be caused by diggers or excavators either because of construction or accidental contact with any machines such as bulldozers, power shovels which are mainly used for earthmoving operations or digging.

What is the use of Warning Tape Tile?

Cable Protection tiles are considered to be a marker tile that is laminated with the help of coloured warning tape on the topmost surface which is printed with the specific warning message giving double benefit.

Singhal Industries is one of the leading Warning Tape Tile Manufacturers that prints alert or warning messages in any text or language specified by the client by using non-detectable ink. The range of the product includes warning tape tile in different materials, sizes as well as colours.

Moreover, they also offer the logo of the Company with phone numbers according to the requirements of the customer. 

The highly professional team assured that the manufacturing of cable protection tiles is done by following strict measures of quality standards and quality control for maintaining the superior quality of the service as well as product to their respective customers.

One of the primary benefits of Warning Tape tiles is to alert people and another is to impact resistance. They are designed as well as manufactured in such a way that it is underground for many years without degradation which gives a clear warning after opening.

It is ideal for high voltage as well as lower voltage cables. Some of the other names of warning tape are underground cable cover, polymeric cable cover, cable protection tiles as well as hardcover tapes.

What are the characteristics of Warning Tape Tile?

Underground polymer cable or warning tape tile is significant for saving some of the essential services such as telecommunication, electric, drainage pipelines, gas and oil pipelines as well as street lights.

Below are the characteristics of it:-

  • Used for manufacturing premium quality resin
  • Produces from LLDPE, HDPE as well as LDPE
  • Low installation charges 
  • Strictly follow international standards such as ENA-TS 12-23 as well as AS4702-2000
  • Higher resistance
  • Strongly connected for a longer period via cable tie or pegs
  • Scratch proof
  • Higher impact strength 

What are the advantages of warning tape tiles?

The advantages of warning tapes are in multitudes. Some of it is as follows:-

  • Cost-effective
  • Facilities easy installation
  • Unrolled on the site and the process would be completed 
  • Lower transportation charges because of heavyweight
  • Comes with higher protection due to buried cables
  • The warnings are visible because of the brightening colour
  • Higher level of durability
  • Eliminates the risk of any severe injury because of visible warnings
  • Rot as well as termite resistant

For what applications is it commonly used?

The industries play a critical role when it comes to supplying cover of protection cable for different infrastructure projects since the two important aspects such as quality of the product as well as quick delivery hold utmost importance.

Some of the applications are as follows:-

  • Chemical Pipelines
  • Power Supply Cables
  • Gas and Oil Pipeline Industry
  • Solar Farm Construction
  • Fibre Optic Cable lines
  • Gas Projects 
  • Telecommunication lines
  • Wind Farm development 

The cable cover is used for a wide range of applications.

What are the specifications of the polymeric cable cover?

Below is the list of the specifications of this cable cover:-

  • The level of thickness ranges from 3mm to 12mm
  • The width ranges between 100mm to 600mm
  • The length of the jumbo coil are available from 50m to 250m
  • The stationery coil length is from 10m to 25m
  • Can be easily printed in any language or text
  • Available in the form of a roll
  • Can be bought in different colours as well as dimensions as per the requirements of the customer 

Conclusion: –

Based on the individual’s user discretion, caution, as well as danger tapes, can be used interchangeably, but caution tapes are used more extensively for generating awareness and warning amongst people about some specific hazardous areas.

The warning tape instructs people to proceed with utter caution and care and these tapes alert people to enter that restricted area at their own risk.