Simran Thakur Launched Her Book “A World of No Judgement” With UF PUBLISHER


Author Simran Thakur is an excellent motivational speaker. Whenever she speaks, she fills the different energy in the people. She also points out some issues of the country and tries to find solutions to problems and believes that “there is no problem in this world which is we cannot solve, but you have to sacrifice your comfort for solving anything.” She likes to share her views on education, financial issues, political issues, and many more. She also loves to talk with people with the same enthusiasm as her.

Simran Thakur got in touch with UF PUBLISHER and has Published Her First Book “That One Year” also now Publish Her Second book titled “A World of No Judgement” and has collaborated on several projects with them.

A World of No Judgement
A World of No Judgement By Author Simran Thakur

This story is all about a transgender, whose name was Lakshay Sai. Everybody loves him when he was a child. A cute boy who is a very pampered and lovely child of his family and his neighbors. He was the third child of his family. Leena having two elder sisters and the most loving parents. His life is completely like heaven when he was a child.

But with the flow of time, his body got some changes his likes, dislikes, choices are becoming different from the others which makes him an untouched person in front of everyone.  Everybody starts teasing him about his likes and choices.

Lakshay is a transgender. At the time when everybody knows this truth, they treat him like he was doing a crime here. Everybody together makes his life hell. After knowing the truth Lakshay’s mother leaves him at an early age of life and takes their daughters with her.


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