Significant Tips to Follow in Hiring a Quantity Surveyor


It can be more difficult to hire a quantity surveyor. Good & professional quantity surveyor is likewise difficult to find. This is also attributed to the industry experiencing a skills shortage. While choosing one is not easy, searching for the right one takes some time.

In the very beginning, a quantity surveyor is a significant part of a construction project. Property Returns Adelaide tells us that a quantity surveyor manages the finances and contract obligations of a construction project, put simply, they manage construction costs. Its role is the same and is integral like an accountant. If you need answers for how much one thing costs, and how long will it take, a quantity surveyor is then needed. It’s never an issue if you are just establishing an extension of your house. That’s also if you’re handling projects in billions. It’s invaluable to have a quantity surveyor no matter the scale.

No matter what the size may be of a project, a quantity surveyor is essential in keeping control of the costs & handling contractual issues that can occur in a project. One will advise you & guide you in the entire construction project. This makes sure you’re receiving the best value.

Truly, choosing the right quantity surveyor for your project is challenging. If it comes time appointing one is needed, it’s vital investing the time in looking for the best professional. Building confidence & trust can seem difficult at first. Everybody will feel confident regarding the return on investment in the end.

Below are the significant tips to follow in hiring a quantity surveyor.

Understand the Reasons Why Hiring One is a Must

It’s very much essential to set realistic timelines & a financial budget. This is in regard to the development & construction projects. It’s also tempting to do things by yourself just to save. This is somehow counterproductive.

Your experience, energies, & skills in a project may be required elsewhere. This means that having a trustworthy and reliable quantity surveyor is a must. This enables you to do your work on your own while they too, handle their own.

The right QS will save you money & time. One will also help in maximizing value & efficiencies. Plus, one will analyze compliance, project & legal documentation. Budgets & deadlines will also be regularly tested & checked.

Stick with Your Budget

It’s when you might lack some time keeping focused on the finer details. Finding the right quantity surveyor for a project would mean expecting updates when needed the most. One is good if he or she is working the numbers & managing the finances throughout. One will also give you financial reports & budget forecasting. This will potentially keep you ahead of potential weak spots & risks. Thus, the project costs will be kept realistically. This is even with the presence of bumps along the road.

Research the Right QS and Meet Him or Her Face to Face

You’ll rely on QS to work with several people in the entire construction project. That includes sub-contractors, main contractors, & consultants. They for sure belong in the private & public sectors. Feel confident that they will contribute effectively. Plus, they’ll get a perfect feel in communicating on a face-to-face level. Learn more about the quantity surveyor, particularly about the turnover & the staffing record. It is unsettling introducing new sets of people into the project halfway through. It is better to meet a lot of QS team members as much as possible.

Prepare in Handling Conflict Resolution

There will always be conflict while the project is being developed. Large-scale construction & contractual projects are exposed to issues revolving around contract misunderstandings, miscommunication, cash-flow worries, financial pressures, & personal problems.

Remember that resolving conflicts can be quite expensive. This is true in both money & time. It pays off hiring a good quantity surveyor that will resolve these issues. A good one hired could not predict conflict in the future. But one will ensure that the contract is set up properly. You’ll enter into it and will avoid issues from arising. If ever these issues arise, the right mechanisms will be employed by the QS in mitigating them.

Collect Some Testimonials, Referrals, & Case Studies

Good QS will establish connections on construction projects. This is when word-of-mouth works perfectly. When speaking with a potential one, ask for some previous work samples and case studies before appointing him or her. Remember that testimonials are necessary.

They should come from real clients. And, they must be based around certain developments in the size, sector, & complexity to your own. One will also feel positive about contacting clients. This way, you’ll be able to ask questions.

The case studies must include important details like the challenges faced on projects same as yours. Include the ways they overcome the challenges and the solutions they have. The solutions presented should also seem beneficial to the client.

Ensure QS Matching Your Needs

If the QS doesn’t meet your requirements, it’s finally time to look for another. Ask if the potential QS will work following time schedule. Will he or she be working within your budget? Is it possible for him or her to carry out the work in a geographical area?

Moreover, one must show clearly the experience of working on same-size projects. Examples must as well be provided of working in your chosen sector. Every aspect of the work must also be considered. And even a high level of expertise & knowledge need to be demonstrated clearly. It’s a big plus if one can work on more than a single project at a time.

In all these, keep in mind that the right QS is hired & added to your team. It’s all about the shared goal and vision that means a lot to your project. The project should run smoothly following budget & time constraints. The role should be filled within a construction project. It pays off conducting research & sourcing the right QS.

It’s also the history that their skills & experience are based on. Access the decades of expertise & professionalism of the quantity surveyor!