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There is already a market for custard apples while the fruit is well-known and not a recent addition to the Indian market. People have been buying fruits when they are available. Ice creams and many other confections contain custard apples. Many of these suppliers are willing to buy the product at a low price when there is excess supply. However, are you planning your custard apple farming? All you need is good-quality herbicides. Furthermore, here is everything you need to know. Find out the best tips regarding using herbicides, as explained by the experts of Shree Ram Herbicide. 

What are the Requirements for Custard Apple Farming? | Theories Explained by the Experts of Shree Ram Herbicide

For custard apple farming, here are the requirements you’ll need:

i) Climatic Condition

The Sitaphal (custard apple) grows well in a hot, dry area. It needs light soil and is typically planted on a hillside slope. The seeds are grown into plants, which produce fruit in three to four years. 

The plant blooms in April and May and produces fruit from August through November. However, temperature and humidity are the main climatic variables that restrict the commercial production of custard apples.

ii) Soil Type

It’s crucial to know the characteristics of the soil and climate custard apples require to grow before you plant them. Although well-structured clay loams are also acceptable. At the same time, sandy loam soils are optimal for custard apple growth.

Even though the tree’s primary feeder roots are relatively shallow, root rot must be prevented, and good tree performance must be guaranteed by providing at least 1 m of well-drained soil free of heavy clay or rock. So plant the trees on mounds in areas where the topsoil is less than 1 m deep.

iii) Watering

If you want to grow fruits of good quality, remember irrigation is necessary. Custard apples are delicate to salt in irrigation water, so the salinity of the water shouldn’t be higher than 800 micro Siemens per centimeter. 

The farmers must irrigate the plants throughout blooming and fruit development. They should do this to produce fruit with more outstanding quality. In the farming of custard apples, drip irrigation is beneficial.

iv) Herbicides

Custard apples don’t typically receive manures and fertilizers. However, they respond well to fertilization in terms of vigour, yield, and quality. However, herbicides can increase a tree’s lifespan and stop its decline. 

One such Shree Ram herbicide is Shrimix which is a great choice. Mepiquat chloride is an aqueous solution used in this plant growth regulator. As a result, it is meant to control excessive vegetative growth and increase production. 

Why is Custard Apple Farming Profitable? | What Do The Experts of Shree Ram Herbicide Say?

Wondering if custard apple farming is profitable or not? The answer is simply yes. and here are the reasons why:

  • It is a hardy plant that can withstand drought and flourishes in nearly any type of soil. However, a great option here is to opt for a Shree Ram herbicide, i.e. Ultimate- Selective Weedicide. It helps in boosting the output and allows seeds to germinate. These herbicides disrupt vital enzymes that enable plants to synthesize amino acids.
  • Talking about water needs, it’s minimal. While some farmers use drip irrigation, rain-fed crops are more prevalent. Flood irrigation ought to be prevented.
  • It catches very few diseases and pests. Whitefly and powdery mildew are frequently observed but have little impact on the plant. A gentle sulfur spray or organic pesticides should deter most pests. 
  • Compared to other crops that require more care, money, and attention to nurture, the plant is poor maintenance and simple to grow.

How to Increase Custard Apple Production? Tips From the Shree Ram Herbicide Experts

Be it size, quantity or overall production, here are some tips to have increased custard apple production:

• Fertilising helps in boosting fruit production. However, you can opt for a Shree Ram herbicide named 3 Idiots to improve soil condition and texture. It contains 58% 2,4-D amine salt with systemic gibberellin activity inhibition. It decreases leaf size, leaf area, and internode size, which boosts the target crop’s harvesting yields. Within days of its application, it produces visible signs of its greening impact.

To keep track of nutrient levels, examine the soil and yearly leaves. Apply potassium fertilizer in a sufficient quantity during the growing season.

Custard apple trees tolerate only minor droughts. However, for the tree to remain healthy, it needs 700 mm of rain annually. In the event of a severe drought, the tree may only produce fruit occasionally for one or two seasons.

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