Sexual Harassment Training New York


Frequent and mandatory anti-assault training is significant in creating a conducive work environment for each employee. It makes them feel safe and can focus on what they do best.

There is a rise in sexual harassment in many organizations. This comes from people of the higher ranks so that they can grant favors like promotion and hiring. It can also be from employees of the same rank.

For this reason, sexual harassment training has become a necessity in every institution. There is even an online New York sexual harassment training where employees can learn more about this topic. Keep reading to know how beneficial this training is.


It is a fact to say not everyone in an organization knows what sexual harassment entails, what they should do when they are harassed or when they witness an incident of this unethical act. Also, many of them lack the courage to report the culprits to the required authority because of fear of intimidation and stigma and also fear of losing their job if the culprit is of a higher rank.

For this reason, sexual assault training should be provided in every organization to impart knowledge to employees. On what they should do when they are harassed or witness a harassment scenario. They are also taught where they should report the culprits, how cases of sexual harassment are investigated. And most importantly, all the forms of sexual assault.

They are also given examples relating to this topic so that they can understand it more. In addition to these, they are also empowered not to be afraid to report this unethical practice. And the culprits need to be responsible for their actions.

Apart from this topic having a legal definition, it should be offered as a way to emphasize your company’s commitment. To providing a safe and fair workplace environment free from any kind of harassment and unfair treatment to everyone. See this link to read more

Compliance with the Rules.

It is required by the law that sexual assault training be offered in every organization. Nevertheless, these laws differ depending on the type of industry you are in, the size of your company, and your jurisdiction. In addition to these, the frequency of training, format, and the required content also differ from one institution to the next.

Training is advocated only in specific industries in some states. In Washington for instance, only the workers in property services or security guard, retail, motel, and hotel industries must be offered the training. The size of the company also brings a difference in training laws. In California, an employer with more than five employers must ensure they are all trained and when it comes to Delaware, it requires training if the employer has 50 and above workers. In other states like New York and Connecticut, the employees must be trained regardless of their number.

The content of the tutoring and its frequency also varies depending on the jurisdiction. California requires that employees be trained within six months of their hire and once every 2 years. In New York, workers should be provided with anti-harassment training immediately when they are hired and once every year. Because of the difference in legislation per state, it is therefore significant that you know. What your jurisdiction expects from you as an employer and always abide by it.

Risk Mitigation.

Regardless of your jurisdiction, the law demands penalties from every organization that does not offer anti-harassment training to its employees. Therefore, offering effective tutoring concerning this topic not only makes you avoid these penalties. It also reduces the negative impacts sexual harassment brings to your organization.

Frequent and mandatory sexual assault training is the only way you can create a sexual harassment-free workplace environment. Also, it should be provided to all the workers regardless of their positions or rank in the company. 

Make it a policy such that even new employees know that the training is a must before they assume their position in the organization. It is also recommended that you review your training program to ensure it is up-to-date and complies with the current laws because legislation is dynamic, it keeps being updated from time to time. Click here for more insights.

Bottom Line.

A safe and conducive work environment ensures that all employees’ focus is on the development of the company. This can be achieved if there are no such cases as sexual harassment which can distract their focus and lead them to stress or even depression.

For this reason, your organization should ensure that all the employees are trained against sexual harassment and that great penalties are brought upon anyone who attempts the act.

Employers should always ensure that their training programs are up-to-date, simple to follow, relevant to the employees, and of high quality. This is to guarantee that the training will be useful to the workers in imparting them the necessary knowledge about the topic.