What To Avoid While Implementing SEO Strategies To Grow Business In 2022

SEO Strategies To Grow Business In 2022
SEO Strategies To Grow Business In 2022

Google changes its algorithm on a recurring basis and there is no other option but to adapt to changes quickly, if we want to maintain or improve our position in the search engine. That’s how users have the certainty that the sites they browse are reliable, safe and with true information. These adjustments make it more difficult for your site to be placed among the first results of a search engine. To get your site to be among the main search results, you must carry out a good SEO positioning strategy, avoiding some bad practices.

Worse Practices of SEO Positioning

The SEO positioning of your site can be simple. However, there are certain practices that, if carried out, would make your strategy a complete failure. Not everything you do regarding your website has a positive impact on your SEO Positioning, rather the opposite may occur. For this reason, special care must be taken with some practices that can lead to penalties by Google. 

Quantity over Quality

Many companies think that doing good SEO is creating a lot of content and publishing articles daily to improve their positioning and comply with what the rest of the competition is doing. The reality is another.

Do not take quantity over quality. Quantity is less important than quality. It does not matter to have hundreds of blogs if they do not add value. At the end of the day, this harms more than it benefits.

What you should do is to create interesting content according to the needs of your audience, even if they are few. You can even focus on long tails keywords instead of short ones, that is, in more precise terms on the generic ones so that the users give a solution to what they are specifically looking for. Believe it or not, this generates more traffic.

Keyword Saturation or Spamming

In the prehistoric time of SEO positioning, when everything was just beginning and neither search engines nor users knew exactly what to grab, the most common and effective practice to position your website was to publish as many keywords as you wanted. Google, like any search engine worth its salt, no longer depends on keyword density to determine if a web page is an effective source when it comes to responding correctly to organic search.

Today the aspects that determine your positioning are much more complex, and although a correct selection of keywords is still essential for a correct positioning. It is the quality of the content and the structure of our website that will determine our search results. That is when many people prefer to hire local SEO agency in Canada or their preferred geographical locations where they find the most potential buyers.

Creating Many Pages for the Same Keyword

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most common mistakes when doing SEO. Although it might seem otherwise, this is very detrimental to the SEO of our website. If you want to rank for a keyword, focus on making a great page for it, instead of wasting time making lots of pages without good content. If you do not follow this advice to the letter, Google will not know which of all the pages is more important, and possibly penalize you by determining that none of them are really important. 

Duplicate or Plagiarized Content

If there is something that Google values ​​above the rest, it is having original and quality content. In this way links are generated naturally. If we copy and paste content from other websites to fill our blog or page, Google will notice and penalize us considerably. If you want your SEO Positioning strategy to be a success, your content should be 100% original.

Excessive Use of Labels & Tags

The ideal is to group all the content of your website or blog in the least number of possible tags, making the user find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time. If we give a certain post many tags, we will be duplicating content, by creating a large content of pages that only contain that post.


Making an SEO positioning strategy is not easy, but the results you will get are 100% worth it. It is a process that, if done correctly, would give you an authority among thousands of web pages that offer the same service or product as you. Know your client and give him what he needs at the right time, it’s as simple as that.