SEO Marketing: 3 Things You Wouldn’t Expect

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Take care ofSEO marketing is like growing a vegetable garden: it requires patience, a passion for details and a constant attention to monitoring results.

Perhaps this botanical metaphor can make you smile, but it illustrates how much this profession requires dedication and minutiae of detail. Even if it is a digital profession, SEO marketing contemplates some aspects that you would not expect: let’s see together what they are.

SEO Marketing is about speed

Given the recent updates to the Google algorithm , the speed of a site has become a very important ranking factor. This happens for a very simple reason: more speed corresponds to a better user experience and Google, being first of all a company, must satisfy the needs of its customers (ie users).

In order to evaluate the speed of your website, there are numerous tools that allow you to quickly check the pages that present the most critical issues within a website, among these I recommend GT Metrix. The basic functioning of these programs is the analysis of the reference URLs: in this “crawling” work the tools mimic the behavior of the Google spider (link to the article on the Google spider).

It is clear that improving the speed of a website is a priority for many e-commerce companies and not only who wish not only to attract potential users, but also to accompany them to the point of conversion. Website  speed optimization is an activity that involves the use of technical skills that allow you to intervene directly on the HTML code of the website.

SEO Marketing and images

Who said that SEO optimization and therefore SEO Marketing bases its effectiveness only on texts?

Unlike what one might commonly think, this activity – if carried out in a complete way – also involves a component of SEO optimization of the images through alt tag attributes that allow the search engine to display them correctly.

Uploading images with alpha numeric sequences to your site means missing an extraordinary indexing opportunity that could allow your brand to rank among the top results in Google Images.

Thanks to a skilful use of “metas” that sees the use of keywords important to your brand, the desired images will be able to appear first in the appropriate results on Google.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that optimizing images also involves advantages in terms of the speed of the reference website. So be careful not to confuse the quality of the photos that are used with their optimization or the speed on the site that hosts them: in fact, there can be very beautiful and high-resolution photos that are correctly optimized and on a site that is quick to load.

SEO Marketing, does it work locally?

An aspect that is still too little talked about is the local importance of the positioning of some websites . In fact, nowadays, in the realization of digital marketing strategies it is customary to prefer a national or global perspective, with consequent equally national or global expectations; the main consequence of this excessively wide-ranging approach is the difficulty in actually positioning a site.

Moreover, especially in sectors where the SERP is very competitive, it really has value to “fight” to be first on Google for generic keywords or it is more appropriate to focus on a local positioning ( Local SEO ) of your site (especially if it includes a offline activity)?

To answer this question, it is necessary to evaluate case by case, avoiding standard answers that would not take into consideration the numerous variables that every digital strategy project must contemplate. This is why it is essential to contact an SEO consultant who can provide the right support for your project, accompanying you – if necessary – in your growth even at a local level.

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