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Do you want to improve your SEO strategy and are you looking around for a trained and serious professional who can help you? We may direct you directly to our contact page, invite you for a coffee or a short Skype call to find out what your website actually needs.

Or, for the more timid – or for those who want to have clear ideas before contacting a consultant – I could explain here, in this short but comprehensive guide, what an SEO consultancy is and how it works .

After all, the basic concept is quite simple. Your website is central to the success of your business . But if your pages don’t appear among the top results in user searches, well, your portal is next to useless, and it can’t bring anything good to your business.

Therefore, SEO consultancy is covered by considerable importance: it is much better to understand in detail how this service works, before choosing which Consulente SEO to contact and which type of service to request, don’t you think?

Why do you need SEO consultancy?

To understand why you might need SEO consultancy, you just need to start from a fact: those looking for something on the net do it through search engines . 

More precisely, according to a study by Forrester, more than 93% of online experiences start from a search engine . Not appearing among the first results of Google , Yahoo , Bing and Yandex – to name the most popular search engines – is therefore equivalent to not existing.

That’s why you need good SEO advice : to improve the positioning of your website, and thus have greater visibility, to attract more customers, more work and therefore more money. 

Perhaps, however, we are running too fast. Perhaps you are also considering other options to optimize your website and your online presence!

What are the options for optimizing your website?

In fact, the SEO consultant is not the only one in the world who can study the 200 factors that affect the positioning of a site , study your sector, identify the key keywords for your business and develop an SEO strategy for your portal. 

No, you could do it yourself. You could read some Search Engine Optimization guide and start optimizing your website yourself, saving a lot of money.

But you know what? That savings would only be apparent. To save some money, in fact, you would end up taking away a lot of time from your core business , instead taking care of the optimization of your website . 

That’s not all: no matter how hard you work, you will never be able to achieve the same results as an SEO expert , precisely because that is his core business , not yours.

You could then embrace the idea of ​​hiring an SEO specialist directly in your company : in this way you could rely on an SEO professional who will work on optimizing your site 40 hours a week, without however taking precious hours away from yours. business . 

However, this option is very, very expensive. Do you have any idea how much a full time employee can cost, and moreover an employee with solid and proven experience in website optimization ? It is no coincidence that the vast majority of companies rely on a third choice.

The third option – and let’s get back to us – is the SEO consultancy , that is the support of an external consultant who, guaranteeing you the best expertise, will develop the most effective SEO strategies respecting your budget, without distracting you from your main activity.

Well, it is therefore understood that SEO consultancy is the best investment for your business . But what type of advice do you need?

How many types of SEO consultancy are there?

The real SEO consultancy is one and only one, with the consultant – or the Agenzia SEO – that takes care of all the necessary activities, without neglecting anything, to achieve the best results. 

It is therefore a continuous collaboration over time, with important final objectives. In some cases, however, companies may request special SEO consultancy , to solve specific problems related to the optimization of a website.

Someone, for example, could contact an agency for the only on page optimization of the site , while someone else, on the contrary, could only ask for the off page optimization . 

Still other customers are looking for experts able to cancel Google ‘s penalties , while in other cases they want to focus only on Local SEO.

The steps of a typical SEO consultancy

Let’s say you need all-round, and therefore ‘classic’, SEO advice. What will happen once you have given the go-ahead to the consultant to get started? 

The strategies change from case to case, but there is still a predefined step by step path that we can summarize for your benefit.

First of all, the SEO expert will start an analysis of the state of affairs of your website, also looking at the sites of your competitors in parallel , to understand in which sea you are moving. 

But what does it mean to analyze a website already online from an SEO point of view ? 

Simple: it means checking the data returned by Analytics and the Search Console , as well as studying the structure of the site well, and therefore the Robot.txt file, the Sitemap, the presence of duplicate tags and page errors, etc. 

We will then proceed with the analysis of the contents as such, verifying their potential and the presence of any errors that could affect the positioning of the site. 

Based on all the data collected, it is therefore possible to outline the SEO strategy to follow, so as to define the work to be done in the following weeks and months.

After the SEO Audit you can therefore roll up your sleeves, to throw yourself headlong into the on-site optimization of the portal. 

Depending on the case, duplicate or poor quality content will be eliminated, which will be replaced with new SEO copy , created ad hoc to improve the positioning of the website. 

At the same time, it will be necessary to act from the point of view of off-site SEO , thus increasing – where necessary – the authority of the site through a precise link building strategy , in full compliance with the stakes set by Google .

The results of all these activities are monitored over time, with the creation of comprehensive reports that have two main objectives: on the one hand, they allow you to understand what is the actual progress of your website; on the other hand, they allow the SEO expert to decide in a scientific way what the next steps should be , based on what is working well and what, on the other hand, is not bringing the desired results.

How long does it take to get the desired results?

Taking advantage of SEO consultancy is not the same as having your site in the first position for all the key keywords within a week: miracles do not exist , much less when it comes to positioning on search engines . 

In fact, the only way to quickly scale Google ‘s search results is to extract the wallet and pay for sponsored ads with Google Ads : when the budget assigned to that sponsorship ends, however, that page it will return roughly to the starting position.

With SEO , however, everything is different. The results that can be obtained with an SEO consultancy are in fact solid and long-lasting. 

The first ‘organic’ positions, however, are not reached in a short time: depending on the type of website, the competition, the keyword and the actual work, it is possible to wait weeks and very often months before reaching the desired results. 

Of one thing, however, we must be certain: when all the SEO activities necessary to improve the positioning of a website have been done, working both on site and off site, the SERP climb is sure. Slow, perhaps, but indubitable.

Here, now you know what an SEO consultancy is, what it consists of and how it is structured . Do you want to concretely increase the visibility of your website and therefore of your company? 

Give us a whistle : we will be happy to have a chat to understand what your portal needs!