Selection Tips for hoverboard


This toy is not cheap, the cost of which starts from $ 300, and the price of some models reaches $ 2 thousand and more. Thus, choosing a hoverboard, if you do decide to buy, you need to be very careful. So what should you pay attention to?

First, on the specification of a particular model, battery life, max weight of a person. As well as driving speed and max ascent angle. In addition, the type of battery plays an important role.

This will determine not only how long your hoverboard will hold a charge. In addition, whether it will be possible to travel with it, say, by plane. Give preference to models of the new generation. Because they surpass their predecessors. Both from a practical and aesthetic point of view. However, as in the entire field of gadgets and technology.

What to wear for the first ride

Like any other board, a hoverboard. Especially during the learning stage, can be very dangerous. Injuries are not uncommon here. It is important to wear the correct shoes, clothing, and personal protective equipment. Otherwise, bruises cannot avoided.

Let us start with the shoes. Sports shoes with a flat, sensitive sole, something like a sneaker, are ideal. Ride quality will depend on how well you feel the board. If, for example, you put on uncomfortable shoes, say, on a slight rise. Then at first, it may seem that your feet are slipping off the board. Of course, your feet will not go anywhere, Segways For Sale UK but this sensation can be distracting.

The clothes themselves should be comfortable so that nothing hinders your movements. Stretch trousers are ideal. Do not forget about personal protective equipment.

Put on elbow pads, kneepads, and a helmet. A helmet is essential, although no one likes to wear it.

Now you are ready for your first ride.

The first steps

It is time for the first trip. Do not surprised that even standing on a hoverboard can be difficult. Especially if you have no experience with other “boards”. Take your first steps very. Yet, you should not hesitate, if you try to go slower, you will lose your balance.

Choose an open, level place for your first ride where you will not have anything to bump into.

The board is self-levelling, so standing on it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. To go forward, move your body and feet a little in the direction you are going to go. Do not worried if it does not start the first time.

To stop, you need to lean back a little and bend the knee of the leg behind. This is a stop signal. After that, you can get off the board and it will turn off.

Everything comes with experience. Therefore, after a few tries, you should be able to ride the hoverboard without any problems. A nice bonus awaits you: thanks to the large tread width, you can navigate even on rough terrain.

These are the main points worth dwelling on. Now it is clear what this miracle is wonderful and with what it eaten. See the advance collection of Hoverboard