Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambassador Lionel Messi


Lionel Messi, one of the best footballers in history, has been officially announced as the tourism ambassador of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Tourism Minister Ahmed al-Khateb announced Messi’s name as ambassador.

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Al-Khateb wrote in the announcement, “Welcome to Lionel Messi and his friends in Saudi Arabia. Enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea with you and tell us our rich history. This is not Messi’s first visit to Saudi Arabia, nor his last. I am happy to announce Messi as Saudi tourism ambassador.

Lionel Messi landed at Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia on Monday with Paris Saint-Germain and Argentina team-mate Leandro Paredes and his family. On the same day, he also uploaded a picture of the Red Sea voyage through social media.

In February, the British media Telegraph reported that the Saudi Tourism Board had offered Messi to be the official ambassador. However, many who were arrested and tortured by the Saudi monarchy at the time forbade Messi to be involved.