10 Reasons Why You Should Give Charity Regularly


The concept of charity or sadaqah has a long history in the Islamic faith, dating back to the beginning of the religion. Sadaqah is drawn from Islam. The simplest way to explain sadaqah would be a “voluntary charity” of sorts in a modern context.

Here we will give ten reasons for giving sadaqah:

To deal with Societal Hardships

In economies worldwide, we can see rising inequalities between the rich and the poor. Capitalism promotes the powerful urge for growth in increased spending, better rivalry among enterprises, etc.

However, a quick rush for development could result in significant income gaps and a lack of opportunity for the commoner. If left unaddressed, the problem could spiral down. As a result, Islamic ideas such as sadaqah and zakat are critical in combating the natural cycle of economic inequity in counties.

Best way to Earn Rewards

Sadaqah is indeed the best way you can help others. These days there are many ways to give Sadaqah. Some organizations have their pages on social media where everyone can donate sadaqah online without any hassle.

Removal of Sins

We will all be held responsible for every major and minor sin on the Day of Judgment. We are only human, and sinning is unavoidable no matter how hard we try.

Even if the amount of charity you offer is as modest as “half a date”, if you give it a genuine intention, it will be enough to forgive your sins and preserve you from the Fire.

A door to Jannah

 The eighth gate of Jannah is Baab As-Sadaqah. Only those charitable believers who gave Sadaqah for Allah’s sake are allowed to pass through this door. Giving Sadaqah permits you to pass through this gate and enter Paradise. Whether it is by hand or donated online.

Important for Society’s Balance

Giving sadaqah to the sick, orphans, widows, and people in need ensures that money is shared more fairly in society. Sadaqah can be any act of generosity, not just monetary donations. ‘Your smile for your dear brother is a charity,’ the Prophet (saw) remarked. Sadaqah is concerned with the welfare of the entire community and the protection of the weak for the advancement of society.

These days you are also safe from the trouble of sending or giving. You can easily donate sadaqah online.

To develop “A giving Culture”

An essential part of healthy development in Islam has always been a “giving culture”. And to the way our society is organized, and on a smaller scale, the way our communities and families are structured is very important. The values, dimensions, and principles formed from such a culture can directly impact the Ummah’s behavior, attitudes, and deeds, which is why sadaqah is so important.

For the strength of Iman

By giving charity, we contribute to the strengthening of our own Iman. The Arabic term Sadaqah, which comes from the root Arabic word ‘sidq,’ can be literally translated as ‘righteousness.’ This indicates that the action itself shows the benefactor’s sincerity of faith. Righteous action is one of the few ways to improve our Iman while also contributing to society’s overall health and balance.

Brings pureness to Nafs

Our goal in life is to follow Allah’s path of worship and good acts to achieve righteousness, and the best way to do so is to spend for Allah’s sake. Our wealth and children are a test from Allah, and it might even be a burden if we aren’t careful with it. To discriminate between worldly pursuits and obtain the reward of the Hereafter, we should spend on charity.

Protect from Calamities

We are confronted with significant obstacles that arise at inconvenient times in life. Such occasions allow us to empathize with those in similar circumstances to ourselves.

Sadaqah Jariyah is Investing in the Hereafter

It is a way to invest in your afterlife in Islam so that you can obtain blessings even after you die. Sadaqah Jariyah is a continuous or perpetual type of generosity.

It helps a person only once, but Sadaqah Jariyah enriches donors for the rest of their lives, allowing benefactors to reap numerous rewards. It can be done in many ways, from helping others to planting trees.