RXK Capital Review – Explore the Inner Trader and Reach New Heights


You can explore your new trader and reach new heights of trading only when you are signed up with a platform that cares about you. How does a broker care about you? Well, that’s something you will see from its features. If you feel that you are being allowed to trade the way you want, you can be sure you have made the right choice.  My RXK Capital review is all about telling you what this broker is capable of and how its trading platform gives you the path that you can walk on to grow as a trader.

I’ll do my best to keep it as neutral as possible and only tell you about the features so you can make up your mind on your own. Let’s review RXK Capital and see how it helps you reach new heights of trading.

Big Bonuses and Leverages

Let’s talk about something that traders love the most. I have seen that a lot of new traders wish they had better access to means so they could capture better trading opportunities. I am sure you will have plenty of opportunities on this platform because you get a bonus as soon as you sign up on it. So, if you look at the website, you will realize that there is a 100% deposit bonus available for all traders. What does that mean? Well, it means that you make a deposit and you will get an equal amount credited to your account that you can use for trading.

There are clear bonus terms and conditions given on the website that I would love for you to read. Secondly, you have big leverages that can be used for entering trades that require a big investment. You can get up to 1:150 in leverages with select accounts.

 Training Sessions and Education

You can’t reach anywhere with trading if you don’t properly learn it. It’s like putting someone in the pilot’s seat when they have never flown a plane in the past. So, it makes sense that you go through the learning process first and then pick live trading on any platform. Here, it is great that all the education that you will require from day one to the day when you consider yourself knowledgeable in trading is there on the website. This education is available to every trader that signs up with RXK Capital with one of the trading accounts on the list. Yes, you will get access to educational material even if you sign up with the basic account.

There is another amazing features that I really want to talk about. It is not available with the basic account, but it is there in every account other than the basic one. This feature gives you access to a trading analyst. Yes, you can learn from the most learned traders in the world who are called analysts. These limited sessions can be very enlightening for new and experienced traders.

Risk Management and Commissions

I haven’t seen many online brokers being so transparent about their commissions. However, there are commissions on your profits and RXK Capital has clearly stated them on the website. The good news is that your commissions will continue to go down as you go from basic to advanced, and advanced to professional trading. They begin at 10% of the profits you make and go down to only 2% on your profits. Another amazing thing is that you get plenty of risk management flexibility on the platform. You can use stop loss to close your trades within a range of 10% of loss.

Final Thoughts

You can’t really explore the trader that’s hiding inside you unless you are willing to spend time on finding the right platform. Now, since that can be a time-consuming process, I have made it easy for you through this review of RXK Capital. I hope you will learn more about it from its website and make up your mind without delaying the decision too much.