Russia may attack Ukraine over repeated NATO incursions: Pope


Pope Francis, the supreme religious leader of the Catholic community, has said that NATO’s repeated harassment of Russia could have led to an attack on Ukraine. He also said he did not know whether Ukraine should supply more weapons to other countries. News of the Wall Street Journal.


At the same time, the pope condemned the atrocities of the war. He also criticized the Russian Orthodox Church leader for presenting a religious context while defending the aggression. The pope warned that Patriarch Kirill of Moscow “cannot turn himself into Putin’s servant.”

Pope Francis made the remarks in an interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera. He sees Russia’s behavior against Ukraine as an expression of anger. “I do not know if the country was in any way incited to attack, but NATO’s presence in neighboring countries has probably provided that opportunity,” Pope said.

Meanwhile, in a religious speech at the Kremlin’s Archangel Cathedral on Tuesday, Patriarch Kirill claimed that Russia had never attacked any other country. The news agency Interfax quoted him as saying, “We do not want to go to war with anyone. Russia has never attacked anyone. “

“It’s amazing that a huge and powerful country has never attacked anyone,” said Patriarch Kirill. The country has only defended its borders. “