Professional Tips To Clear New Zealand Student Visa Interview By Rudraksh Immigration Mohali

rudraksh group shares tips to clear NZ visa interview

As more number of Indians are travelling abroad, more destinations are emerging as popular choices. New Zealand is one such country that has become extremely popular among students to pursue higher education. The main reasons why people choose NZ consist of the English language, high standards of living, world-class educational institutes, relatively friendly migration policies for students and inter-cultural exchange as it is a hub for international students among others. However, many students are afraid of visa interviews and formalities. To guide them, Rudraksh Group in Mohali shares some tips.

General Questions

At the beginning of the interview, the officials will ask you fundamental questions like your name, date of birth, parents’ information, questions regarding your course, duration, etc. The aim is to make you feel at ease and comfortable for the main interview.

Academic Questions

Thereafter, things get a bit serious as the interviewer will ask you about your educational qualifications starting from high school to the latest degree that you have acquired. This could include the subjects you studied at the university, your score, internships, practicals, etc. Also, this will include themes related to the course that you will be studying after moving to NZ.

Financial Questions

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the interviewer will pose questions related to all your finances. Now, most people take education loans to fund their higher education. If not, their parents sponsor them. In any case, you need to have the exact information about the source of funds required to finance your education. Moreover, you will need to produce all the relevant documents related to it.

Work Experience

Needless to say, this section applies to only those who have worked in India after their graduation. In such cases, the interviewer can ask about the work details of your job. This includes the job description, salary details, responsibilities, date of joining and leaving, experience certificates and more. You will inherently know these answers. So, no need to worry about it.

Questions Pertaining to NZ

In addition to your information, the authorities will also like to see what you know about NZ, the country you wish to visit and live in. Therefore, you can brush up on the basic information about the country like popular places, climate conditions, transport system, cost of living, university area, etc. 

Questions Related to Study Course

Now, you are travelling to NZ for higher studies. Hence, you are bound to know the details of your course. This includes things like starting dates, modules, internships, subjects, duration, credit point system, etc. 

Questions About Future Plans

This is one area where you need to be a little careful. You must not answer in the excitement that you are migrating to NZ just to get the PR. Here, you could mention the benefits that you will experience after getting your degree. Also, the career opportunities you will get after your studies and how they will help you enhance your professional knowledge and skills. These are the things that are needed to be mentioned when answering this question.

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