Advantages of hiring an overseas consultancy to plan studies abroad!

rudraksh immigration explians advantages of hiring an overseas consultancy

Rudraksh Immigration Group is one of the most experienced overseas education consultancy firm in and around Chandigarh. As a matter of fact, with over 27 years of being in this field, it has some of the most professional and knowledgeable staff at its disposal to make sure that it is always up-to-date with the latest migration policies of some of the most favourite education destinations for Indians around the globe.

These include countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Every year, thousands of students travel for studies or work to one of these countries in order to pursue their aspirations.

Rudraksh Immigration

In fact, after China, the most number of students to travel abroad for studies are from India. Therefore, the need to hire an overseas education consultancy can’t be stressed upon enough. Some of the major factors for that are the following.

  • A professional education consultancy like the Rudraksh Immigration Mohali starts from discussing with the students, their requirements and situations. Rudraksh Group takes into account the kind of budget one possesses, the type of course that the student wants to pursue, Visa requirements for a particular country, post-study visa regulations and much more.
  •  As a student, you can’t do enough research on your own regarding what the most popular course in any given country is. If you try, you might lose some valuable time in that. A consultancy has all this knowledge from all the years that it has been active in the field. Therefore, you get the direct and hassle-free advice in no time.
  • After you have decided upon the course you want to study and the country, you must plan the finances. Rudraksh Group can tell the exact monthly expenses that one must bear in a country. Also, a consultancy will know some ways of landing a scholarship which can ease the financial burden off the shoulders of the students. In this way, the student can uninterruptedly focus on his/her studies alone.
  • Almost all of the students who plan to study abroad, don’t have enough experience of travelling and living abroad. The information available online can be insufficient as these are only personal experiences of some of the students. However, a consultancy, who has been in this business from almost 3 decades, knows the travel requirements like travel insurance, accommodation options, monthly expenses for groceries and internet, etc. They can give you the complete information which will make your plans more efficient and predictable.
  • We all know how difficult it can be to fulfil the Visa requirements of various countries. No matter which country you have decided to travel to, the Visa process is a lengthy and, at times, difficult affair. There is a ton of paperwork required and visas get cancelled for small mistakes from the students often. Having someone professional who is acquainted with the entire process well, can smoothen up the process significantly.
  • Having a consultancy service at your disposal, it can equip you with ways to land up an internship or job after the studies as well. This will be a perfect way to earn some money on the side while you are studying to meet your day-to-day expenses or send some money back home.
  • Last, but certainly not the least, with so much experience and successful visa applications under its belt, Rudraksh Group has a dense network of students in every country. Once you land up in the country of your choice, you can get connected to the students who have been guided by Rudraksh Group in the past as well.