Ways of landing your dream job in Europe; Tips by Rudraksh Group Mohali!


When it comes to finding your dream jobs in a country outside India, you do require some sort of reference to speed up the process. Another way of landing your dream job is by having a ton of experience under your belt even before travelling to another country. However, most students go to pursue higher education outside India directly after completing their Graduation Courses.

This means that they don’t have huge professional experience or any references in the new country. This is the situation faced by almost all the students travelling abroad for higher studies.

Recognizing this, Rudraksh Group Mohali hands out some handy tips, which one would not consider otherwise due to lack of knowledge in overseas education aspect. Here is the list of some of the things that one can try to have a chance of getting the dream job.

  • Internships

Doing internships at reputed companies abroad is one the best ways to gain some professional experience in one’s field. With an internship, the student can get the idea of the work culture of the country he/she is in. This is an important factor that comes in handy when you are looking for permanent job after your studies.

It is generally easy to find internships abroad as the companies can hire students on part-time basis and students can get the sense of working environment of big companies. In fact, sometimes, if the student performs well, the companies do offer the student permanent position directly.

  • Creating References/Contacts

While you are studying at the university or pursuing your internships, you invariably get in touch with the people who are at higher positions in the company. This is your perfect opportunity to make sure that you stay in their radar and work hard.

If such people notice that you are hard-working and could be an asset to the company, you have a chance of getting a position directly. If not, they can still recommend you for other positions at other companies as well.

  • Career Seminars and Workshops

Generally, the university that you are studying at, will arrange for some seminars to take place for the students. Some big companies come to interact with students to these seminars and one gets the contact of someone at the company from there. The HR of the companies are on a lookout for some new talent from the university, which is why you should carry your Resume with you.

This is a great way of getting in touch with the hiring team of any company if even there are currently no vacancies in the company. One can always come back to check if there any positions opened up and call the HR personnel directly.

  • Job Consultancy Firms

There are also plenty of job consultancy firms which are in contact with a lot of companies. These firms provide the companies employees on contractual basis and after the completion of the contract, the company can directly hire you as the permanent employee if you have gained enough experience and are good at your job.

These firms generally interview you to note what you are looking for and then they match your profile with the job description that a company might have given them. This process is, essentially, the outsourcing route but can be effective way to start, nonetheless.

Having an experience of over 27 years in overseas education consultancy, Rudraksh Immigration Group Mohali has helped thousands of students to get their student visas and aided a lot of them to get the jobs after their studies as well.

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