‘River erosion area is slowly declining due to permanent projects’


Deputy Minister for Water Resources AKM Enamul Haque Shamim said, “We have prepared in advance everywhere.” We have worked in high-risk areas, coastal and haor areas for a long time. Even then, there was no major damage in Haor due to our vigilance. We have identified areas at risk, areas affected by river erosion and we are working with these in mind. We have prepared in advance and we are working with all kinds of preparations.

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He said this in an exclusive interview with Bangla Insider on various issues of various activities of the Ministry of Water Resources including river erosion and permanent projects to prevent river erosion in the country. For readers, AKM Enamul Haque Shamim’s interview with Bangla Insider’s Chief News Editor. Mahmudul Hasan.

AKM Enamul Haque Shamim said about the permanent project to prevent river erosion , it is being done in phases. 13 years ago river erosion was nine and a half thousand hectares. After working for the last 13 years, we have reduced it to 3 and a half thousand hectares. Permanent projects are being taken up in all these places in phases. Gradually the river erosion area is further reduced. Above all, we have a Delta Plan. Initiatives have been taken to build permanent dams and therefore the area of ​​river erosion is gradually decreasing.

“Every year from April to September in many cases from October to October in our country there are several floods, rains, river erosion, cyclones, cyclones that we know every year and that’s how we prepare in advance,” he said. Basically, the Ministry of Water Resources is on alert from April to September-October. At-risk areas remain alert. The executive engineers are working. I am going to different places for monitoring different risky areas. I am monitoring the condition of those places by myself.

“Our economic potential is growing,” he said. We are raising and widening the dams. We are trying to keep the course of the river normal by dodging. I am reforesting so that it is sustainable. That is what we are doing for sustainable development. Above all, we have the Delta Plan. We will get 80 percent of this delta plan from the Ministry of Pony Resources.