Right Washing Machine to Choose Under 15,000 Segment

best fully automatic washing machine

If you are looking for the best washing machine under 15,000 INR, the good news is that at least you won’t have to choose between top load and front load washing machines, because the front load variety typically cost 20,000 INR and above. You will also have a fairly wide selection of the best fully automatic washing machines in this price category and as such, you will not have to settle for a semi-automatic washing machine either. 

While two big decisions in the washing machine selection process have been made for you, there are still a few factors to consider and a few choices to be made, so that you bring home the right washing machine for your household’s needs. Here are some things to look at when you are browsing through models and making comparisons.

Washing capacity

The washing capacity should be decided on the basis of factors such as the number of family members in the household, the volume of laundry and the frequency of use. Do you run small loads on a daily basis or one huge load on the weekend? This will help you decide the wash capacity required. Typically, two people could make do with a 6 kg washing machine. Families of 3 could use a 7-7.5 kg wash capacity, while families of 4 need a wash capacity of around 8 kgs and above. This is considering that the machine is utilised more than once a week. 

Wash programs and washing options

Today, washing machines can cater to specific needs. They come with wash programs that can make do even with minimal amounts of water. They can send out your clothes extra dry when you use monsoon mode, available in some models. There are modes for delicates, denim, saris and more. Give yourself some time to go through product literature and do study the wash programs for each model so that you get the most relevant one for your lifestyle. 


Revolutions per minute, also known as the spin speed refers to the speed at which the washing machine tub will spin while washing and drying clothes. As you can probably imagine, you would want a low spin speed for your chiffon dupatta and a high spin speed for a pair of jeans.  Observe the range of RPM. You want an upper limit of 1000 RPM and upwards or you are going to end up with completely wet jeans, curtains, bedspreads and other heavy laundry items.

Tub material

When you are comparing models, even though you are on a tight budget, look for stainless steel drums which are the most durable. The next option is the plastic drum, which offers medium durability. Enamel tubs on the other hand might sound fancy but are not very durable. 

Energy efficiency

Did you know that opting for the cheapest washing machine in your price category (without checking its energy rating) can actually cost you more in the long term? When it comes to energy efficiency, what is good for the environment is also good for your pocket. There is no conflict of interest here. The best washing machines under 15000 INR can still be energy efficient. Whirlpool, for example, has at least one 6.5 kg washing machine with a 5-star BEE rating. 

Child lock

If you have kids crawling or tottering around the house or even a furry companion, it makes sense to make the child lock feature a must-have in your washing machine, even if it means escalating your budget.

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Although it might seem that way, not all washing machines are of the same size. It is important to check the product dimensions in the description and then use a tape measure to compare it with the space you have available. Ideally, you do not want to have to move your washing machine between storage space and the bathroom (or whatever area can allow for a water inlet and outlet). That said, since you are already constrained by budget, if you must purchase a washing machine that has to be moved, invest in a set of add-on wheels. 

Finally, ensure that the washing machine blends in with your modern decor and does not make much noise while washing clothes. Look at the specification list to check its noise levels before making the purchase.

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