Restaurant cleaning company


Every good restaurant strives not only for the quality of food, but also for the level of cleanliness in the room. Restaurant visitors come not only to eat, but also to relax in a cozy and comfortable place, as well as get positive emotions from the spent time. A low level of cleanliness will immediately reduce trust of the customer in the quality of its cuisine and discourage the desire to come here again in the future. The cleaning of a restaurant is the “number one task” that a restaurateur must perform at the proper level. It is advisable to entrust this process to professionals who are well aware in making and maintaining the perfect cleanliness in public facilities.

It is worth contacting the leading companies in the market. The Shen company has been keeping a lead in this field for many years. Teams of employees are composed of trained professionals. They are equipped with:

  • modern technologies;
  • effective and safe detergents;
  • neat uniform.

The carefully selected staff know everything about their work and receive additional trainings on a regular basis. Each team has a manager who personally checks the quality of the work performed. The availability of modern equipment and the correct selection of detergents allows us to create perfect cleanliness and clean the delicate surfaces without damaging them.

You can order a one-time service from us or conclude a contract for permanent cooperation.

You can order from us:

  • daily cleaning;
  • dry or wet cleaning;
  • dust cleaning;
  • general cleaning;
  • cleaning the room after the holiday;
  • maintenance of the cleaning;
  • cleaning the facade of buildings;
  • caring of the surrounding area;
  • disinfection.

Our employees are ready to go on the first call and to clean the kitchen in your restaurant, as well as the hall and other premises. We will perfectly:

  • wash floors and walls;
  • remove dust from all surfaces;
  • clean the windows inside and outside;
  • perform the washing of tables, bar counters, steps, railings and other surfaces;
  • perform cleaning in the bathroom.

Nowadays, the food courts located in large shopping centers are very popular. This is a row of stalls from different manufacturers that offer fast food. Each stall is a compact space with a front display case. It is important to keep your display case perfectly clean to become more successful and stand out from other manufacturers.

Cleaning of food courts has been included in the services of our company for a long time. The steady flow of customers makes it difficult to quickly carry out cleaning procedures. We have developed a universal method for fast and high-quality cleaning of such fast food places. It allows us to clean up and at the same time not disturb visitors.

Professional cleaning of fast foods includes:

  • washing walls and floors using special products;
  • removing all types of dirt from cooking and work surfaces;
  • cleaning furniture from dirt and stains;
  • washing of lightings;
  • taking out the trash.

The list of services can be supplemented with sterilization and disinfection measures. After the work of our employees, it will be pleasant to cook in the kitchen. Each employee in the kitchen will be able to ensure the cooking in perfect cleanliness for visitors.

To perform planned activities of the general cleaning of the premises, call our team in the morning, afternoon or evening. A full range of cleaning services will be performed at a pre-scheduled time. Our work will help to bring perfect cleanliness after:

  • birthday;
  • weddings;
  • corporate party.

You will find a good partner and cleaning contractor with Shen. Our capabilities allow us to work in a chain of restaurants. We will become a reliable partner in your business and will help to create an extremely positive impression of your establishment among all your visitors.

You will make sure that our company:

  • rightly occupies a leading position in the market;
  • hires qualified personnel;
  • uses latest equipment;
  • saves you time;
  • makes perfect cleanliness;
  • offers affordable prices for all services.

It’s better to pay for quality cleaning than to lose revenue from losing customers. Our services are guaranteed to provide your restaurant cleaning company with an impeccable reputation.

To maintain regular cleanliness in a restaurant, you just need to order a service on the website of our company at a time convenient for you. You will receive detailed advice from the manager, and a discount on the first cleaning.