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Reduce Your HME Billing Denials with This Checklist

HME billing denials and rejections stifle cash flow, cause payment delays, and wreak havoc on the entire Revenue Cycle Management process. Apart from denials and rejections, the expanded critical regulatory observation is forcing all HME services to renovate their operations to improve efficiency and profitability.

However, analyzing and determining the reason for denials and rejections before sending them to the insurance company will reduce the numbers.

Here’s a checklist to help you avoid denials and rejections while also ensuring a smooth HME billing process:

Checklist 1: Patient Eligibility Verification

Before sending the equipment to the patient, the HME provider must check with the insurance company. This is to validate the patient’s eligibility and that the policy covers HME billing services. Before submitting claims to Insurance, double-checking the patient’s demographic information against the insurance data and fix any discrepancies.

Checklist 2: Collect all relevant information

Claims denials and a backlog of claims might result from a simple error in the HME billing procedure. Such as an erroneous demographic data address. Outsourced billers and programmers are favored since they ensure that all pertinent data is captured and saved.

Checklist 3: Proper coding is guaranteed

Maintaining proper use of codes is critical in the HME billing process, not only to ensure that the service or drug details are correct but also to ensure that the claims process runs smoothly. A single coding error can lead to claim denial and a time-consuming rework process.

Checklist 4: Educate your employees

HME billing errors are a serious problem in both small and independent practices. Regular training on coding and HME billing updates, as well as other changes, is required.

Sunknowledge’s Reliable HME Billing System

Sunknowledge’s overall goal is to achieve client success while also increasing our ability to generate revenue efficiently. While, simultaneously lowering the operating costs by 80%. We are an example of an operational extension that focuses solely on pre and post-billing activities. We ensure a smooth billing process as well as a faster reimbursement rate.

Sunknowledge’s certified coders and expert billers handle all of your pre and post-billing back-end and front-end services. They also work to lower claim denial and rejection rates, as well as provide ongoing follow-up and faster reimbursements.

We understand how to maximize your ROI as a vendor providing cutting-edge support at next-door prices. We provide unrivaled support in your HME billing needs, accounting for only 2% of total collections including all services.

The foremost RCM institution

We are now one of the market’s leading RCM organizations, with a track record of achieving the highest productivity metrics. We can help you with benefits like:

  • Customized reporting
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Unmatched, Unlike any other RCM vendor in the healthcare industry, our team provides remote assistance during pandemic. Whereas most other RCM vendors are struggling to keep up to their required standards, we continue to set the industry’s highest productivity standards. Because of our dedicated resources, we provide unrivaled and continuous 24×7 supports to every client in the DME/HME billing space.

We also have a high level of adaptability across a variety of practice management systems, including the best ones like Brightree and others. Furthermore, our team is equally capable of providing seamless support across any proprietary platforms in use. We have a dynamic transition process in place to lay down a manual with a checklist on how we will be attending to your HME billing needs. It is tailored to your specific requirements.