Reasons Why You Should Choose Firewood For BBQ Rather Than Charcoal

Ironbark Firewood

It’s almost the end of the year, with the dazzling Christmas right around the corner. However, unlike other parts of the world, Australians celebrate Christmas surrounded by sand, sea, and sunshine. After all, December is the beginning of the summer holidays in Australia. 

Now there is no surprise why BBQ is the main setting for Christmas celebrations in Australia. As BBQ is synonymous with summertime, it is the best theme to go on a spree, whether in the backyard, local park, or at the beach.

With American-style BBQ being the hot trend in Australia during the Christmas season, do you often wonder how to do the super fine grill to impress your guests? The key solution to make it happen is to choose firewood over charcoal! That’s right; the best type of firewood, including Hickory, Apple, and Ironbark Firewood, can bring absolute magic to your bar-b-que.

Here are the reasons why you should switch from charcoal to firewood for smoking BBQ:

Firewood Is Clean And Easy To Handle

Have you ever grilled with charcoal? If yes, you know how messy it can be. Most of the time, it leaves black powder on your hands or makes your clothes dirty. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case with firewood. The best quality firewood does not result in powdery residue, helping you enjoy a clean, tidy, and stain-free grilling experience. Now, who doesn’t want to whack it on the barbie all squeaky clean!

Firewood Has Longer Burn Time

Firewood, especially the seasoned one, burns quite longer. While charcoal only produces heat for half an hour, firewood, on the other hand, burns for more than an hour. 

Thanks to the long-burning capacity of firewood, particularly the ironbark firewood in Sydney, BBQuers can grill thick cuts of meat with ease. 

Firewood Produces Flavorsome Smoke

BBQ with superb taste is all you want to paint the town red on Christmas in Australia. For that, there is nothing better than opting for suitable firewood. As wood contains organic compounds, they release in the form of flavorsome smoke that rises into your meats and veggies. This makes your food taste scrumptious. 

You should consider going for Hickory or Ironbark wood for sale in Sydney if you yearn to enjoy the robust flavor in your BBQ food. So, let’s have yum-yum Christmas this year!

Firewood Is All-Natural

There is no denying the fact that wood is an all-natural fuel source. Derived from the hardwood trees, they produce sustainable fire and protect mother nature. 

Speaking of charcoal, they are made by slowly burning wood that contains very little oxygen. Though most charcoal assortments are all-natural, most of them constitute adhesives or added fillers. When burned, these fillers get absorbed into your food, making it flavorless and unsafe. 

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These are the top reasons why you should stick to firewood for BBQ this Christmas season. Now, is your mouth watering while imagining the delicious grilled food? If yes, take no time and invest in ironbark firewood for sale in Australia to enjoy the desired taste!