Rave Outfits: Expectations vs. Reality


Outfits for Your Next Rave

When it comes to going to a rave, one of the most exciting aspects of preparation is choosing your outfit. Rave outfits come in colorful neon colors. They are often outlandishly futuristic in their appearance. Arguably, the outfit you wear to a rave is the most important part of the outing itself. What should you expect out of your rave outfit?

Neon Colors

The color scheme and the fabrics that you use for your rave outfit are maybe the most important part of the entire ensemble. The theme colors for rave outfits are neon colors. This is because these colors stand out when under black light.

You will want to choose an outfit that includes neon colors, as well as white to be highlighted under the black light. You should choose fabrics that are interesting in their texture. For example, you may choose a neon green fishnet top. You may also choose to wear textures like velvet or silk that will reflect light beautifully.

It is important that your outfit has a color scheme. This color scheme may be monochromatic. This means that the pieces of clothing you wear will be all of one color, but of many varying shades of that particular color. You may choose to wear a neon green top accompanied by mint green leggings.

Fabric Types

There are many different fabric types that you may choose for your ensemble. You may want to use a fabric like velvet that has an interesting texture to the eye. You may also choose iridescent fabrics or those that have a sparkle to them.

Much of your choice in fabric will have to do with the lighting at the rave. Raise usually have strobe lighting or colorful lighting. These types of lights will accent fabrics that are iridescent or shimmering. This will lend a beautiful aspect to your outfit.

Skirts vs Pants

You should decide whether you will wear a skirt or pants to the event. This decision should be influenced upon how active you plan to be at the event. should you be dancing in a way that you are moving around a lot, you may want to wear a legging pair underneath your skirt.

Skirts are wonderful pieces of clothing, but they are often revealing when you are physically active in them. It is advised that if you choose a skirt for your outfit, you wear a pair of tights or leggings underneath that skirt. This will assure that you are not overly exposed when you are dancing to the rave music.

You may choose to wear pants or leggings simply because you prefer that style. It is suggested that if you wear pants, you make them interesting to look at. You may choose a utilitarian style, with many pockets. You may also choose a sheer legging that has an interesting print or pattern.

Different Looks from Home to Rave

You should expect that your outfit will look different at the rate than it does in your mirror at home. This is because there are varying types of lighting at the rate that will influence the color and textural appearance of your outfit. You may find that these different looks make your outfit more aesthetically pleasing in the light of the rave.

One way to get an idea of how your outfit will look at a rave is to put a piece of colored cloth over the lampshade of your lamp at home. You can also put on a pair of colored glasses in order to get an idea of how the outfit will look in actual Rave lighting. Either way, you should understand that your outfit will look different at home than it does in the Rave itself.