Quality Condor Knives In Different Category of Uses


Another champion in the knife-making business is CONDOR Tool and Knife. Condor knives are very popular among bushcraft enthusiasts since their blades are suitable for a lot of different outdoor tasks. Whether it’s hunting and fishing, kitchen, martial arts and training, throwing, tactical, outdoors, survival, or just everyday use—Condor knives are the top choice for German-made brands of knives. They are exceptionally well-built and are incredibly affordable.

Crafted since 1787 in the cutlery capital of the world—Solingen, Germany. Condor knives are known for their ultimate blade performance at an affordable price which is a gem in the outdoorsman’s world. They also come in different sizes suitable for different tasks. For example, if you’re about to split wood or build a shelter, you will definitely be needing a decent-sized Condor that’s about 8-inches or more overall. One of the designers CONDOR Tool and Knife had was Arlan D. Lothe whose designs significantly improved and placed the company as one of the best in the knife-making business. Arlan was recognized in the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame in 2006 for outstanding design including but not limited to knives.

Hunting and Fishing Knives
One of the best in their compact hunting knives is the 3-inch blade Blue River Hunter Folder with an overall length of 7.1 inches and a 0.1-inch thickness. This is a folding knife made with 440C stainless steel blade. It weighs about 157 grams, a handle made of walnut and reconstituted turquoise stone. It comes with a hand-crafted welted leather sheath. The Blue River Knife Series was inspired on the Blue River, a tributary of the Colorado River.

Another top knife in the Condor® hunting and fishing knife is the Mayflower Knife. This knife is a collaboration by JoeFlowers and Charles May, hence the name Mayflower. It’s a nice little compact, full tang knife made with a 440C stainless steel blade with a blade length of 3.1 inches, 0.1 thickness, and an overall length of 7.1 inches. It weighs about 140 grams, a handle made of hardwood walnut, and comes with a hand-crafted welted leather sheath to keep it safe during transit.

Martial Arts and Training
Unlike the many big knife brands, Condor® knives are regularly used in martial arts and combat training. Condor® has a wide selection of swords and axes. The crowd’s favorite though is this modern interpretation of the Kodachi—the Kondoru Wakizashi, a masterpiece worthy of a Samurai. It weighs about 2.95 lbs just light enough to fence with. The blade is a 1075 high carbon steel Hira-zukuri blade sporting a secondary bevel and bo-hi with a black textured powder coating finish.

Another robust product in this category is the Valhalla Axe Series, Battle Axe worthy of a Viking. Crafted from 1060 high carbon steel, this axe has a handle that is matched and fitted to burnt American hickory with a hand-crafted welted leather sheath.

Condor® obviously has a generous selection of beautiful blades and designs and one of the most distinct knives that they make in the survival category is the Cavelore Knife. It’s a great knife with good steel and a look that is almost whimsical as that of a historical cave-dweller’s neolithic tool.

It’s a stylish utilitarian blade that features a 4.3-inch 1095 carbon steel blade with a 0.12-inch blade thickness, a forged finish, and a Scandi grind. The handles are made of American Hickory attached to the full tang with a wire wrap.

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