Qualifacts Carelogic and Its Features!

Qualifacts CareLogic

Choosing the right Practice Management Software is a challenging task and you need to consider a lot of things before making a decision. Qualifacts Carelogic has many features that can make it a great choice. These features include mobile access, Onc-ATCB certification, customer support, document storage, and low cost.

Customer support:

Behavioral health workers provide hope to people in need. Their jobs involve providing treatment to patients and tracking progress. A behavioral health record platform can help providers spend more time with patients. It also makes it easier to document treatment plans, interventions, and goals. This helps track progress and prevents errors.

Qualifacts CareLogic is an electronic health record platform designed for behavioral health professionals. This cloud-based solution helps providers improve patient outcomes. It also reduces the risk of error and eliminates paper-based processes. It also connects scheduling data in real time with other critical workflows. Qualifacts CareLogic also improves claims processing and submissions, increases the clean claims rate, and helps providers avoid denials.

Document storage:

Using CareLogic’s flagship product, a provider can track the progress of a patient from intake through billing with ease. The system also provides a plethora of document storage options that can be easily accessed from mobile devices. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that CareLogic’s suite of tools isn’t limited to paperless billing and scheduling. Aside from the aforementioned services, the company also offers a suite of tools designed to make the process of moving patient data between the various systems a lot easier.

For example, the company’s CareLogic mobile app is a mobile-first solution that allows for a seamless transition from paper to digital. Additionally, Qualifacts CareLogic’s suite of tools includes a document management system, billing and scheduling modules, and an interactive dashboard. All of these are designed to keep the user’s finger on the pulse of patient health.

Mobile access:

Behavioral health providers are expanding their services, and Qualifacts Carelogic Mobile access allows these providers to deliver care on-site, despite a lack of mobile coverage. This innovative partnership with Kony Quantum brings a fully functional mobile clinical solution to the point of care. Qualifacts CareLogic | MOBILE offers key compliance, productivity, and remote data security capabilities, and allows clinical staff to securely access their caseload and document care.

Qualifacts offers a wide variety of behavioral health tools, from EMR and practice management to billing, scheduling, and more. These tools allow providers to streamline their operations, increase patient care, and enhance the overall health of communities.

Onc-ATCB certification:

Developed by Qualifacts, CareLogic is an ONC-ATCB-certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform. It is a web-based EHR platform with comprehensive support and features for clinical, administrative, and billing operations. The software also provides an online community and a suite of pre-designed reports.

CareLogic’s EHR software is designed to meet the needs of midsize to large healthcare organizations. It also supports whole person care and interdisciplinary teamwork. Qualifacts CareLogic also has extensive online support and is quick to implement. It is also customizable, allowing you to create as many forms as you need.

CareLogic is also an IBHIS-certified software solution, which means it supports interoperability. The software also supports various clinical workflows, including screening tools, assessment tools, and appointment scheduling.

Ease of implementation:

Behavioral healthcare providers often demand better access to clinical data and the ability to streamline their workflows. Qualifacts’ CareLogic EHR is a comprehensive solution that streamlines these workflows. This platform features a rule-driven validation engine that simplifies data entry and promotes collaboration among healthcare agencies. It also includes an easy-to-navigate user interface and powerful tools to document client treatment plans.

CareLogic helps increase staff efficiency and boost productivity. It also helps behavioral healthcare providers provide better patient outcomes. It is designed for large and midsize behavioral health organizations. CareLogicd also works for smaller practices.

CareLogic offers an extensive online support center. Its support team has experts in different EHR fields who are available to help. They can also answer questions over the phone.

Low cost:

Among the many EHR vendors out there, Qualifacts is one of the few that have a track record in the EHR space. Their Qualifacts CareLogic platform is a complete package, from hardware to software, training, upgrades and maintenance. The company has been a market leader in behavioral health EHR software for over two decades, and serves a whopping 75,000 providers across the U.S.

CareLogic is a cloud-based practice management platform that empowers human service providers to better serve their patients and improve their bottom line. The company offers intuitive front desk tools, as well as a suite of reporting tools that help organizations measure their performance. The CareLogic Integration Hub allows organizations to easily exchange healthcare data with other healthcare providers.

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