Purchasing Lease Option To Buy Homes


Are you, like previous generations, looking for the traditional home to retire to? In the late 70s and early 80s, buying your first home through any of the many leasing options to buy homes was a very popular method for those who were unable to raise the significant down payment required by most organizations. credit. More than twenty years later, this practice has regained popularity due to the national housing crisis and the credit crisis.

With homes worth more than a million dollars stuck on the market, you can easily see why this could be a viable option for homeowners of those properties. Especially since the fair market value of the leased property is currently between $ 800 and $ 1,200 per month, roughly what a mortgage payment would be.

The original wording of such purchase agreements at the time was murky enough that some lending partners and real estate brokers took several cases to court, claiming that the sale was not really a sale because it had started as a lease. Fortunately, all the courts agreed that it was in fact a sale, based on bona fide laws. With that said, the current version of the lease option to buy houses continues in three separate legal terms, and we will explain each facet to you so you can understand what an affordable way it is to buy your first home.


Ultimately, the buyer pays the seller what is called option money for the right to purchase the property at a later date. Depending on the seller’s terms, it can be a substantial amount or a small percentage. Typically in this type of contract, the buyer and seller have previously agreed on a mutual sale price for the home, but it is also possible that the buyer agrees to pay the fair market value of the home at the time the option is exercised. , usually within two years.

It is smart to have legal advice throughout this type of deal, and it is also wise to set the sale price to the best of your ability, so that you are covered in case the market plummets again at the end of the term. lease, and your option takes effect. Unlike the escrow deposit paid by the buyer in a traditional transaction, option money is rarely refundable, unless otherwise agreed. No one else can bid on the property while you have the option, but you can change your mind about exercising it and you can even sell your option elsewhere if you want to where we buy houses in Denver.

Lease option

As in the option process, the buyer and seller agree on a purchase price and an option deposit is guaranteed. You also enter into a property lease agreement, in which you take possession of the property for a specified period, allowing part of your lease payment to be taken and accrued as the final down payment on the property for as long as it is run the option. , usually within two years.

The negotiated lease will set out the lease payment per month, how much a down payment goes toward accruing, as well as any interest the property owner wishes to charge. Once everything is agreed, you can take possession of the property and move out. In this case, the option deposit is generally non-refundable, nor is it considered part of the initial payment, unless both parties agree. You can choose not to exercise your option at the end of the term, and it simply becomes a lease at that time. You cannot transfer or sell your option to someone else without the seller’s approval.

Lease purchase

In a lease purchase, all disclosures that would be included in a traditional sale must be disclosed to the buyer, including outstanding loans against the property. You should get a home inspection, examine the title policy, get an appraisal and a pest inspection, just as you would a home purchased through an agency.

A lease purchase can go off the rails if there are already loans attached, because those lenders could speed them up and seize the property if the seller defaults on them. Inspections are crucial, because in a lease purchase, you, as the buyer, are now responsible not only for maintenance during the lease period, but also for property taxes. When considering buying lease options to buy houses, this can be an important thing to consider, so make sure any agreement is drafted correctly before signing.