Property Appraisals: How Much is Your Home Really Worth?

property appraisal

There is no right time to sell your property – but there is a right way to do it and hiring a professional real estate company to conduct an in-depth property appraisal should always be your first step in finding out how much your home is really worth. Property appraisals help you understand the true and current market value of your property, according to industry standards. 

When you get a professional property appraisal done, you stand a better chance of seeing your investment thrive. Working with an experienced appraiser allows you to make informed decisions that can benefit your current and future financial well-being. But what is a property appraisal, and how does it work?

What is a Property Appraisal?

A property appraisal is the process of determining the market value (the true worth) of a property. There are two types of appraisals: physical and replacement cost. Physical appraisals look at the current physical condition of your home, while replacement cost takes into account what it would really take to rebuild your house “from scratch” today.

Conducted by a licensed real estate agent, a property appraisal provides you with an understanding of how much you could sell your property for in the current market. If you have ever asked yourself, “How much is my property worth?”, working with an experienced agent to conduct a property appraisal is the perfect way to get an unbiased, informed answer. 

Why is a Property Appraisal Necessary?

Before you can list a property for sale, it is important to understand the current market value. A thorough appraisal helps you see your property’s worth from a third-party perspective and answer questions about whether or not it would be beneficial to work with a real estate agent who can help you sell your home quickly.

What does a Property Appraisal Include?

When you use a real estate agent to help you with your property appraisal, they go through a detailed list of items and check off each as it is inspected. This ensures that no important aspect of the home goes unchecked. A thorough appraisal includes 

– The Property’s Location and Neighborhood

– Age and Usability of the Structure

– Structural and Mechanical Systems

– Physical Components 

– Dwelling Type and Condition

– Year Built and Property Improvements

– Square Footage 

The process of getting a property appraisal ensures that you have an objective and accurate picture of your home’s current worth. By using this valuable information, you can make important decisions with confidence in order to keep your property in top shape and achieve its optimal value in the real estate market. 

Work with Define Property’s Experienced Property Appraisers

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