Proper Tips & Tricks For Regular Leather Maintenance


Leather has always been a very popular choice for accessories, clothing and furniture. It’s a beautiful & natural-looking fibre, and with proper care, you can expect your leather products to age very gracefully. Some homeowners feel hesitant to add any kind of leather furnishings inside their homes because those furnishings can be a challenge to care for properly. However, if you have the correct know-how regarding how to maintain leather furniture, you’ll never have a problem with the maintenance procedure. 

Thus, we’re here to help you out with some of the easiest leather maintenance techniques that you can utilise regularly without any glaring disadvantages. 

Suggestions For Ideal Leather Maintenance Procedures

1. Always Wipe Your Leather Furniture Regularly

Before using any kind of leather sofa cleaner, it’s essential to at least wipe down your furniture with a clean & dry cloth. The primary objective here is to eliminate as much excess debris, dirt & contaminants as you can. This is a foolproof strategy for keeping any type of furniture looking at its best always.

2. Try To Vacuum Your Leather Furniture Regularly

There’s no denying that dirt & dust will always make their way into any furniture crevices. Once you wipe down the accumulated dirt & dust using a clean cloth, it’s time to utilise your vacuum cleaner to clean all the crevices of your leather furniture, so that any hiding dust particles can be eliminated. 

Besides, you must know that vacuuming leather furniture will not pose any serious risk to the furniture. Hence, it’s safe. 

3. Application Of A Leather Conditioner

Compared to traditional furniture types, leather furniture must be conditioned regularly. Regularly, in this case, means at least twice every year. Perform the conditioning process once you’ve wiped & vacuumed the surface clean. Moreover, before applying, read the instructions carefully on the back of the conditioner container. 

You can find leather conditioners in most stores around you. In case you don’t find the conditioner at your local stores, don’t forget to check your local furniture stores. 

Leather conditioners, in general, should have a creamy texture and you only have to buff your leather furniture patiently. The primary objective here is to prevent your leather from drying or cracking. The conditioner will keep your leather furniture moist and will increase its longevity.

4. Never Delay Cleaning If There’s A Spill

This is a preventive measure that you shouldn’t ever forget. If you spill anything on your leather furniture, the same must be cleaned immediately. All you need to use is a dry cloth or a sponge to absorb as much of the spilt liquid as possible. 

Once done, use a small amount of water with another clean cloth to clean the affected area. After that, just air dry the affected surface area. 

For more cleaning suggestions, simply contact our leather experts today.