Process of hiring international employees explained

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If you are a business owner, you already know how stressful it is to run a company. Having smart, hardworking, and experienced employees is a key to every successful business. Variety is a good thing. Different people, different ideas, experts from different areas will improve your business. This is why hiring international employees can be a good solution. If you cannot find professionals in your country, then look around. Search for people with different points of view. 

Hiring international employees: All the key steps

If an international workforce is something you are considering for your business, then you need to know all the facts about it. And, of course, what steps to take to bring people from other countries to work for you. If you want to succeed in an increasingly global market, then this may be the right business plan. Creating a good business strategy is already half of the job.

Many people from all around the world are coming to the USA to work. The job opportunities here are better, especially in the cities such as NYC, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, etc. It depends on the job market and opportunities. Most people dream about living in NYC, for example, a big city that never sleeps.

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To have a more successful business, and to grow, you should have professionals and experts with new and different ideas.

It is possible to move to NYC from another country, you can bring experts from another part of the world, to work for your company. But, first, there are some steps you need to take when hiring international employees.

Visa options

The most important thing is to know the options when it comes to visas for foreign workers. There are numerous visa programs for international employees you want to hire, so explore all of them before hiring international employees. What will you choose depends on different factors? For instance, do you plan on your new employees becoming permanent residents, or you need them just for a couple of months?

Employer-sponsored green cards are one of the most effective ways to hire them. Do you run a new business or a brunch of a foreign company? These are also factors that affect visa choices. Anyway, you have to sponsor a visa.

  • Apply for an LCA when hiring international employees
  • Provide company statements and documents
  • File the petition for a visa

Foreign investors can apply for different types of visas such as L or E visas.

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Prepare all the documents for international employees and choose the right type of a visa.

Start early

Keep in mind that bringing someone from another country to the USA is not going to be finished in a couple of days. It may take weeks or months. The average hiring time for an H-B1 professional is 273 days. It is around 9 months, which is not a short period of time.

Interview potential workers

Make sure to work on the company’s marketing so people can apply for the job. Good marketing is a key to a successful business. Hire professional to maintain your website and to make sure that your company is active online.

After the Department of Labor has approved your certification for a foreign worker, you can start with the interviews. Keep in mind that international resumes can be very different, so be open-minded. For interviews, you can use apps such as Zoom.

Prepare documents

Besides visas, there are other documents you need to prepare, in order to bring foreigners to work for you.

Tax regulations are one of the things to solve. Foreign workers need to apply for a social security number and they are subject to payroll taxes the same as US citizens are. Also, DOL needs to verify that the admittance of your foreign employees to the US won’t harm job opportunities, wages, or working conditions for US workers as well – that would be one of the first steps to take. Even before posting a job vacancy.

Help your employees move to the US

After finding employees from a different country (countries) that will come to NYC, for example, you should help them moving the moving process. is one of the companies that have experience with international relocations. According to moving specialists from Transparent International NYC, you need to prepare all the paperwork they need, such as a visa, but it is not the only way you can help.

Moving to another country can be very stressful, so be supportive and ready to provide information. Recommend a couple of moving companies from the USA that are reliable. Most of the companies pay for their employees’ moving costs.

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When hiring international employees, gather a team of people and see what are your options and how to help with relocation.

Ask them if they will require car transportation. Assure them that their vehicle can come along with ease. Find vehicle movers for your employees and they will organize the relocation. Car shipping is common, and it can be done with ease. Even when moving overseas.

Also, inquire if your new team members are moving with a spouse or a family. Arranging proper documents takes time even if you have employees dedicated to the task. Have all communication channels open. It will ensure your new workers an effortless transition and quicker adjustment.

Hiring international employees: A giant leap for both parties

If you are just starting a company, know that hiring professionals from the start is very important. You must have a team of people you trust with your business. Sometimes, America is not big enough and you need experts from other countries.

Hiring international employees can be a key to success. They can help you expand your small business and join the increasingly growing global market. As, normally, growth and expansion are the main goals of every company. The most important task in this project will be preparing all the necessary documentation for foreign employees. It is not easy to immigrate to the USA, so it will be a long process. It doesn’t have to be challenging, too.