Prenatal Dental Care: How Pregnancy Affects Your Teeth

Prenatal Dental Care
Prenatal Dental Care

We’re all aware that pregnancy brings joy. And everyone in the family is delighted and floating through the skies. However, pleasure does not imply that there are no negative repercussions. Pregnancy will bring many new challenges and experiences, such as morning sickness and strange appetites. However, while organizing all of your medical visits, some individuals forget to include dentist visits.

Here Dental clinic Calgary provides some details regarding how pregnancy impacts dental health.

What exactly is oral health, and how does it relate to pregnancy?

Keeping your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy is what dental health entails. It is critical to your overall wellbeing. It’s also a vital aspect of prenatal treatment if you’re pregnant.

After becoming pregnant, your oral health will be affected, both directly and indirectly, which may have an impact on your pregnancy. Several research studies suggest a relationship between gum disease and preterm delivery. Premature birth is characterized as birthing before the age of 37 weeks. Early newborns may have greater health issues at delivery and later in life than full-term babies.

Taking care of your mouths, teeth, and gums during pregnancy can lead to a healthier pregnancy and baby.

How does your oral health behave during pregnancy?

The body undergoes several modifications following pregnancy. According to a study, several issues emerge in women’s bodies, the most common of which are dental disorders. Gingivitis and tooth/gum decay are other possible dental issues.

The changes in your body that occur during pregnancy might have an impact on your dental health.

As an illustrative example:

● During pregnancy, your body has high amounts of various hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen. These may increase the chances of developing some oral health issues.

● Your diet may be transferred. Foods you eat can affect your oral health. Some foods can be consumed in large quantities than before during pregnancy. 

What dental disorders can occur during pregnancy?

1. Cavities: These are little, damaged spots on your teeth’s enamel. Cavities are more prevalent while you are pregnant. You can carry the type of bacteria caries during pregnancy and after birth to your infant. This can lead to issues with your baby’s teeth later age.

2. Gingivitis: Gingivitis is a frequent pregnancy-related condition. It is mostly caused by hormonal imbalance during pregnancy hormones. Your gingiva may become irritated, red, and inflamed due to the condition.

3. Gagging: Gagging is a throat condition that produces discomfort. It is caused during pregnancy; pregnant women may find it difficult to wash all of their teeth, particularly their back teeth since it activates their gag reflex. Brushing all of your teeth is essential for your dental health, so if pregnancy causes you to gag when brushing, there are a few things you can do to make life simple for yourself.

4. Loose teeth: Pregnancy-related elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones can suddenly loosen the tissues and ligaments that hold your teeth in place. This can cause tooth loss.

5. Tooth erosion: Because many pregnant women have morning sickness, how vomiting affects teeth is a worry. Vomiting frequently harms your teeth because stomach acid erodes the enamel.

6. Tumors in pregnancy: Some tumors in the gums might develop during pregnancy. These masses grow between the teeth on the gums. They are crimson and can bleed in difficult situations. That is not referred to as cancer. An excess of plaque can cause them. After delivering delivery, these tumors normally disappear on their own. In rare situations, your doctor may be forced to remove them.

What are the clinical indicators of dental issues during pregnancy?

● Poor breath,

● loose Teeth,

● Mouth sores or lumps on the gums,

● You now have new gaps between your teeth,

● Gum recession or pus along the gum line,

● Red, swollen, painful, or glossy gums; gums that bleed readily and

● Toothache or another discomfort

Please call our Calgary dental clinics if you notice any signs and symptoms of dental issues while pregnant. They will assist you in overcoming all of your difficulties.

A Healthy Mouth Is a Healthy Body!

It is important to maintain your health when you are pregnant. Start your healthy habit by meeting the best dentist in Calgary. They understand that maintaining good dental health during pregnancy is important for your child’s health. Even after giving birth, they will examine your mouth to ensure that you have no negative experiences. They take care of your oral issues by smiling.