Practical Uses for LED Off-Road Lights


While you might call them all equally by the nondescript term “off-road lights,” no two sets of off-road lights are the same. They vary in mount angle, size, luminosity, optical focus, color and much more. In some ways, they help to provide a better view of the lay of the land to make it safer for you to follow a trail when you go off-road, but they do so in different ways.

Here are some of the most practical uses for LED off-road lights, along with suggestions for beam patterns and models.

1.A work light or flood light
Believe it or not, off-road lights can double as illumination for garages, workshops and job sites. LED lights with practical beam patterns that illuminate a wide area are also useful for illuminating trails and rocks while traveling at low speeds, as well.

Diode Dynamics produces a variety of options for work lights, including their Stage Series Light Bars (available in a range of sizes) in an 80W by 50H flood beam pattern, their SSC2 LED Pods in a 60×60 pattern and their SS3 LED pods that also offer a 60×60 spread.

2.A spot light for illuminating far off into the distance
Off-road lights can also be used as spot lights for illuminating far off into the distance, which can be useful in wide open spaces where visibility is important to navigation or safety. Both their SSC2 and SS3 LED pods are available in a spot pattern that is highly focused and exceptionally bright.

These throw an intensely focused 6 degree beam of light rated at 151,000 candela, useful for illuminating objects up to a half mile away.

3.To get a better view of your immediate surroundings
Off-road lights are most obviously useful for illuminating the trail in front of you where they can help you keep track of potholes, ditches, fallen logs, dips, bumps, rocks and other impediments that can be extremely dangerous when you leave the pavement.

Diode Dynamics’ Light Bars and LED Pods are highly useful as auxiliary lighting to illuminate the area in front of an off-road vehicle, mostly in the wide pattern that is also practical as a flood light. This pattern is, however, most useful when traveling at low speeds.

4.Use them as ditch lights
Diode Dynamics also produces vehicle-specific ditch mount kits for both their SSC2 and SS3 LED pods that can help improve the lighting performance of your off-road vehicle. These are useful for illuminating the areas off to the sides of your vehicle, and highly practical in conjunction with a forward facing light bar.

Other Uses for LED Off-Road Lights
The best thing about some off-road lights is that they can be equally useful for other situations that don’t even have to do with off-roading, especially when you are judicious about your selection of beam pattern, mounting kit and mounting angle.

1.Use them as fog lights
Some of the off-road lights available at Diode Dynamics are also useful and legal as fog lights. For example, their LED pods fog pattern is not only useful as a fog light but also street legal. They’re also available in a true yellow color.

2.Create a supplement for your high beams
Diode Dynamics’ LED pods and Stage Series Light Bars are both available with driving patterns that (where legal) are useful for supplementing your vehicle’s high beams while driving at speed on the road.

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