Possible reasons why you are craving beans


Beans is probably one of the commonest food known by all. While many may love this food, there are several other people who detest it and would not want to hear about it. If you are one of the people who crave beans and you are wondering why that is happening, we will help you to answer that in our health section today.

The first reason you may crave beans is that you want protein. Whenever protein need arises, beans is one of the first options that come to mind. Interestingly, a spoon of beans offers 2.6 grams of protein. 

You are craving beans probably because it is your favorite food. Maybe you are yet to agree that beans is or gradually turning into your favorite. You may check that because one major reason people crave beans badly is that it is their favorite. 

Another notable reason people crave beans is for their taste and texture. Some beans type come with unique tastes and textures when you are eating them. Sometimes the taste is the reason people crave for certain beans type to satisfy their hunger for beans.

You may be craving beans badly for a particular beans type. So, it may be for that particular beans that you like not necessarily all beans type. So a beans type may be the reason for your beans craving.

Also, hormonal changes can be a reason you are craving beans. When hormone changes in the body, it alters a number of things such as sugar levels and body activities. Beans is one of the cravings that may come with this.

It is also possible that a particular recipe is what keeps pushing you back to beans cravings. It may be that you enjoy the way someone or you cook the beans for you. We sometimes crave a particular restaurant bean just because of the taste.

Who knows?

You may have tasted a nice bean from places like Dave & Buster’s.

If you love and enjoy eating beans, there is a high chance that you will love to eat beans when you are stressed. Your body will automatically ask for what you enjoy to combat stress whenever you are stressed. This may be the reason you crave beans.

Furthermore, you may crave beans badly if it has been a while since you ate beans. This is one strong reason people crave beans so badly. It is possible they just saw or remember that beans exist after a long time of eating beans.

For the women folks, one reason beans cravings cannot be overlooked is pregnancy. Pregnancy is known to come with food cravings and beans craving is one of them. It is a general pregnancy sign, so there is no cause for alarm. 

Lastly, another identified reason you crave beans is the lack of calories, fiber, or carbohydrates. And it is good to know that beans will supply you with carbohydrates, fiber, and calories. That settles your beans craving!

These are some of the reasons anyone may crave beans, I am sure you would have found the reasons you crave beans and if yours is not on the list, just note that this is not an exhaustive with some resourceful information from Pushfinder.

You are free to make your contribution to the list.