PIONEER SE-E8TW: The EarPods You Wanted to Choose


If you are looking for an ear pod that is compact and with high performance, then the PIONEER SE-E8TW is just for you. The sound that it produces is exceptional as this brand always focuses on the sound quality of their products.

Pioneer just leveled up their game on making this EarPods as they make sure that the water resistance is absolutely good. This comes with an IPX5 water resistant design making sure that it is suitable if you wanted to use this device if you are rocking the gym or hitting the road for a run. The downside of these EarPods is it is not that dustproof and water resistant. The water can still penetrate inside the earphones, so the users’ needs to be careful when using it near the water, but when it comes to sweating, the SE-E8TW is on top of the game. This makes this EarPods more suitable if being used into sports.

When it comes to comfort and portability, the lightweight design of the device is absolutely perfect. Because it is deigned to be used in sports, the SE-E8TW can be carried all around with the feeling of discomfort.

When it comes to the charging case of the EarPods, the SE-E8TW has a bulk yet very light charging case. A discomfort for some of the users if they wanted to carry the case inside of their pockets. Technically, the charging case is lightweight, an additional points despite of being bulky, so you won’t feel it if you are carrying it inside you bag. The charging case also comes with a pop-up lock mechanism. This gives the EarPods more security as the users needs to press that lock button to pop the lid up. Also, the battery life of the Earbuds is only 3 hours, and the charging case only has 2 hours. A downside if the users are planning to use it for a long period of time. To catch up with the downside, Pioneer includes a USB-C type charger on the device making it recharge faster. The charging process will last for an hour, so you can immediately use it if you are in a hurry. The SE-E8TW also comes with a battery indicator that can be found inside and outside of the box. An easy check for the users as they say.

Here are some of the juicy details that highlights PIONEER SE-E8TW among others.

Sound Quality.

When it comes to a gear supply with an impeccable sound quality, we can expect that the SE-E8TW will have one of the best sound qualities as the maker brand of the device prioritizes the sound quality all the time. Although, it doesn’t have an active noise cancellation mode, the users can still hear the music clearly as it has less clutter and it can only capture a very small white noise. The driver unit of the device is 6mm. This gives you the idea that you can hear the bass clearly when the SE-E8TW is used.

The lowest frequency that the EarPods can produce is 20Hz and the highest frequency is 20000Hz. This design of the EarPods makes sure that the users can hear the music they are listening to properly, regardless of the level of the volume. When it comes to its diaphragm size, the SE-E8TW can cover your ear without compromising the comfortable feeling of the users, hence, there are less air back and forth to create and the more bass quality it will produce.


On the other half, the microphone for this model has no noise-cancelling feature. The absence of this feature will make the SE-E8TW model not advisable to be used for audio recording and for video recording but is still great to be used for phone calls even on the noisy environment as this can still send clear voice to the other end of the call.


When it comes to features, there are things that SE-E8TW is lacking. These devices don’t have a mute function. That means that it will become inconvenient for some users to remove the EarPods from their ears to listen to the person speaking to them instead of pressing just only a button on the device itself. Although it lacks mute function, it does have a voice command. This feature is a plus factor especially if you are fun of using google assistant or Siri. You don’t have to remove the phone from your pocket, you just have to press the control key to activate this feature.

The SE-E8TW is also a headset as this is paired and equipped with two functional microphones on both earpieces. The control panel is also attached into the device for the users to easy access any feature. The SE-E8TW is also equipped with voice prompts. This feature will help the users to check for incoming messages or even the notification if the battery of the EarPods while using is already low.

 In overall, the SE-E8TW is a must have if you wanted to experience comfort, and a high quality of music in a very portable and convenient way. A very good addition to your very own gear supply.