Picking the best reading glasses for big heads


Gone are the days when buying reading glasses will be based on style. Today, people consider their facial dimensions and shapes in looking for the right reading glasses. If the reading glasses are bigger for you, you can constantly adjust them to fit your face. However, the opposite situation will be impossible.

This article will tackle all you need to know about reading glasses for big heads, tips on how to get the perfect one, and suggestions on a few of the bests in the market today.

What reading glasses sizes are suitable for big heads?

In most cases, choosing your reading glasses will depend on the wearer’s preferences. However, it can also be beneficial to look out for tips on making your reading glasses complement your facial structure. Here are some frame styles of reading glasses for big heads.

1. Aviator reading glassesThese classic frames are very much trendy today. They’re classic, and they never get out of style. This frame style is ideal for people with square, wide, and reading glasses for big heads. Large square heads generally suit those soft reading glasses shaped like aviators. These ovalized frames with round corners typically create a nice balance to one’s face.

2. Retro-squared reading glasses. They are big and bold. These types of reading glasses look best for those with wide and round faces. The square shape of the frame provides dimension to the soft edges evident on the round-shaped face. Another tip is to get large rectangular shapes. They are also good reading glasses for big heads. Because of the frame size, they generally dominate your face, making your head smaller. It could also be beneficial to avoid undersized frames as they tend to emphasize your face  reading glasses for large heads.

3. Round reading glassesThey are making a comeback and will indeed look good on square-shaped faces. You can opt for a plastic front with a metal nose bridge and temples for a classic retro look.

Guide to buying the best reading glasses for big heads

Suppose you have yet to purchase your frame; refer to this list of essential things to consider when choosing reading glasses for big heads.

1. There must be an XL coverage. It is already a given that smaller frames will only bring discomfort to users. More than that, they are also ineffective in blocking the UV rays. Hence the best reading glasses for big heads must have broader coverage. Essentially, you might refer to the width and height of the lens to assess its size. Also, you can get facial measurements before buying, just to be sure fatheadz reading glasses.

2. Flexible nose pads can provide a better fit. In most cases, those with bigger heads will have larger noses. An adjustable nose pad can cater to nose bridges of various sizes. On the other hand, you can also consider reading glasses with fixed bridges. Just see to it that they are broad enough to accommodate one’s nose bridge.

3. Wider arm lengths. Perfectly fit reading glasses for big heads will also depend on the arm length of the frame. Also referred to as ‘temples’, they must extend past the ears and curve slightly to secure the frame.

4. Flexible hinges. In most cases, standard hinges make a fixed 90-degree angle, which can easily be broken. Hence, having a pair of reading glasses with spring-action and flexible hinges is essential for those with fuller facial features.

Three best reading glasses for big heads

Are you still undecided as to the style of the reading glasses you want to purchase? No worries. Here are some of the ideal reading glasses for big heads today.