What are the best Enchantments for Pickaxe? A complete List

Pickaxe Minecraft

A pickaxe is one such powerful weapon that is used in Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the most ingenious online games that thousands of people play every day. The most attractive thing about Minecraft is, as a player how you improve yourself. You can fight with your foe by using different kinds of weapons. The pickaxe is a popular choice of players. 

 You can use some top and best enchantments for the pickaxe to increase the power and performance of pickaxe. There are many best enchantments for the pickaxe. These enchantments not only increase the performance but also adds many new abilities to the pickaxe. A pickaxe is a special tool that allows you to mine ores, rocks, and mental blocks.

Here are some best enchantments for pickaxe:

  1. Efficiency V 

This is a speed-increasing enchantment. By using this enchantment your mining speed will be increased. You can mine iron and coal at its greater speed and it increases the working ability of your armor. At level 4 you can get the maximum speed Also, this is a time-saving enchantment when you are in the long run.

You can get efficiency V to follow three steps:

  • By using an enchanting table
  • By villagers trading
  • By combing two efficiencies lll enchantments with an anvil
  1. Unbreaking lll

Unbreaking lll is one of the most beneficial and excellent enchantments. Unbreaking increases the lifetime of your armor in Minecraft. The most special function of Unbreaking lll is to protect your pickaxe from destroying and breaking. It helps you to increase the durability of your armor. You can use this enchantment to achieve goals quickly. You cannot have any issues with the use of this enchantment.

You can get this enchantment to follow three steps:

  • By villagers trading
  • Search the enchanted book inside the chest
  • Fishing with a fishing rod
  1. Mending

This enchantment is used to repair your armors by using the points of experience. It is also useful for overhauling your armor. By using this enchantment you will need to find the enchanted book in your world in temples, forests, and other places of this type. It is not difficult for you but, it is a very amazing and easiest one. Fishing, trading, and enchanted tables are the greatest ways to get the Mending of your tools.

You get this enchantment in two steps:

  • By enchanted book
  • Anvil
  1. Sharpness V

This Sharpness V enchantment is used only for pickaxe and it increases the sharpness of your armor.  To get this enchantment, you will need some materials. When you have more experience points, the level of sharpness enchantment is increased. It also increases the damaging ability of your pickaxe.

You can get this enchantment by:

  • A book
  • Three lapis lazuli
  1. Fortune

By using the enchantment command in your Minecraft inventory, you can get this enchantment easily. You can also use this enchantment for maximum experience points.

In Minecraft world, it also helps you to dig different items. To get maximum experience drops, this enchantment plays a very important role to mine various items.