Pharmacy accreditation consulting


URAC certifies and accredits various healthcare organizations, including hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare providers. The process of rigorous review that allows health care organizations to demonstrate their ability to meet regulatory requirements and national standards established via a URAC stakeholder consensus process and recognized as critical benchmarks for measuring an organization’s quality” is how URAC defines accreditation.

Patients manufacturers and customers can rest assured that your network and facilities have undergone a rigorous credentialing process and meet professional standards with URAC Accreditation.


Organizational strategies, the most recent news on federal and state rules and regulations, essential compliance, accreditation guidance, quality assurance, goods vs cost benefits, licensing services, and many other categories that independent or chain pharmacies may not have at their disposal are provided by Pharmacy accreditation consulting to the pharmacy supply chain sector.


Specialty pharmacies can easily demonstrate to stakeholders through accreditation that they consistently meet high standards that enable patients to receive the best treatments.

Through high accreditation standards, the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation aims to improve patient care services and improve public health.

URAC’s thorough, proof-based norms come from multidisciplinary master warning gatherings from numerous medical care fields. URAC strives to improve patient outcomes and healthcare as a whole. Multiple manufacturers and payers recognize URAC as the industry leader in pharmacy accreditation because it is an independent third-party organization.

Healthcare organizations can distinguish themselves by demonstrating their commitment to quality and accountability through the high standards set by URAC. Accreditation demonstrates specialty pharmacies’ value and dedication to providing specialized clinical services.

An accredited specialty pharmacy is PFSP Specialty Pharmacy. We adhere to stringent policies and procedures to guarantee that patients have access to the appropriate medications, safeguard patient health information, adhere to drug safety protocols, assess customer satisfaction, provide prompt and accurate prescription refill turnaround times, and maintain a commitment to the care of our patients.


Consider the following when determining whether pharmacy consultants are an appropriate addition to your team:

What Ability Would You Say You Are Searching For?

Does anyone on your team possess the required expertise? If you want to expand your social media presence, does that team member know how to market your business on social media effectively? Posting photos of their pet doesn’t mean they understand what a virtual entertainment technique, examination, and focusing are.

What Time Frame Do You Have?

There is a good chance that if you hire someone to do extra work within a budgeted timeframe. Five hours per week equals 260 hours annually.

What Is Your Spending Limit?

A great way to move production forward is to provide your employees with a financial budget to complete specific projects; in any case, recruiting somebody full-time to tackle undertakings that are not complete all year can be a misuse of your assets.

You pay for the work that a consultant does on a part-time basis. Although an hourly rate may appear high, it may ultimately be less expensive than hiring a permanent employee.

Finding The Right Pharmacy Consultant Partners

When you decide to hire a consultant, it’s essential to find partners who are good with you, your team, and your business. It will help you grow your business.

A reputable source should provide an outsourced consultant; Make sure to do your research, read reviews, check references, and keep an eye out for consultants who you think will fit in with your team, values, standards, and mission.


Due to revenue and bandwidth, smaller pharmacies lack the resources of independent and family-owned pharmacies. In the long run, hiring a full-time employee may be expensive and have a low cost-to-benefit ratio for your business. We have the knowledge and tools you need to manage your next project or expansion effectively.