Pest Control Concerns For Homeowners In The Adelaide – Take Back Control


Oddly, autumn and winter are major pest seasons. While some pests are happy to hang around in their usual abode all year round, others put out their feelers to find a cosy, warm home once the temperature starts to dip.

Pests are often regarded purely as a summertime issue but in truth, it’s just as important to protect homes and office Pest Control Adelaide from pests at this time of the year and to have them removed before they can wreak havoc with a person’s health or cause property damage.

Here are 3 of the most active and unwelcome intruders to look out for.

Termites (White Ants)

Termites remain active throughout the year even when the weather turns cooler and can cause significant damage to property. They have a penchant for timber and can obliterate foundations and internal timber structures.

Termites use mud tunnels (tubes), often no bigger than a pencil, to connect their colonies in the underground soil and while providing shelter, they’re also a means of moving around undetected. Termites also build their tunnels on interior walls and basement walls, usually near skirting boards.

If a colony of termites goes unnoticed or is left untreated, the number of worker termites will increase as will the level of damage they can cause. To avoid major damage, it’s always best to control an infestation before it becomes fully mature. Getting a Pest Control Service at the earliest opportunity will save money both on repairs and termite treatment.

German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches are a problem in many parts of Australia and are known to cause health issues such as gastroenteritis and to carry diseases such as salmonella. They like to set up home in a place where there’s plenty of food and water and in the winter often go unnoticed as they find places to hide. Because they are prolific breeders in the winter months a small problem can quickly become a major problem.

German cockroaches are often found near waste bins, under sinks and at the back of cupboards. While store-bought insecticides will kill visible cockroaches, many more will escape detection, and sprays won’t prevent any eggs from hatching. The best way to get rid of them is always to call in a professional Pest Control Company in Brisbane.


Rodents like comfort and warmth in the cooler months – a bit like humans. And what better place to find it, than in a person’s home. Cavity walls, ceiling cavities and other warm dry places make excellent nesting places.

While it’s sometimes easy to spot where rodents have taken up residency, other times it may be their night-time activity that alerts a homeowner of their presence.

Unlike humans, rodents’ teeth grow all of the time. As a result, they gnaw on anything they can find – electrical wiring, timber, cladding – to stop their teeth too long. It’s particularly dangerous if a rodent gnaws through electrical wiring as exposing the wire could lead to a house fire.

These are just 3 of the most common pests that are active in autumn and winter, but there are many more. A pest control inspection is vital to detect any signs of pests. Professional Pest Inspection treatment will get rid of unwelcome intruders and give you back your home.

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